Tragedy has struck. She has lifted my poor shawl into her hands and has lead it down the path of false pretenses.

Here it looks healthy and content. What is not shown in this picture is how I proceeded to completely f-up the second chart. See, I knew that it was only pattern rows in the chart, with those missing as knit rows. However, the second chart has every other row charted as a knit row. I knit 18 rows (no small feat when they ended up being over 400 sts each), before I realized that there should have been one pattern row, a knit row, a charted knit row, and then another row. Where I had knit 18 rows, there should have been 36.

There was only one thing to do....

The funny thing is that I remembered looking at it and thinking that it looked a little funky, but assumed that it would all work out in the end. I didn't have a picture of the pattern with me, so I thought that I just wasn't remembering it quite right. I should trust my instincts more often.

The stitches are all safely back on the needles, slowly working their way to a proper second chart. Erg....

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