Blankies and Books.

I haven't posted much about this particular WIP, so when I laid out all the blocks yesterday, I thought that it might be nice to take a picture for everyone.

This is by no means the final lay out for these squares. They have not been sewn together. I don't think that I'll sew any of them together until I have all of them done. All being 468. This picture represents 36 squares. I'm 7% done! I'm rather looking forward to when there are more squares and therefore more variety in my dear scrap blankie.

While we speak of numbers, I've decided to try and read all of the Harry Potter books before the 7th comes out next month. Last time I read them all after it came out, which gave my brother enough time to finish it so that I could read it. This time though, I know that what happens is going to be all over the place and I'd rather not have it spoiled. So we'll see if I can read 2, 788 pages in three weeks! At least I started some plain old boring stockinette socks the other day while watching Frost on TVO. I can work on those while I read.


Left = Wrong. Right = Right.

Just a quick update before I run off to drop my bike off to get fixed. I got doored after Lettuce Knit last week, and my front brakes are shot. After that I have to go work. Luckily the bike store is only four storefronts down from work.

Anyway, I was working along pretty well on my Coupling Cocktail socks, and was trying to finish the heel so that I could work on it on the go again. Last night I though I would finish when I took a good look at my gusset stitches. It appears that I didn't count properly on the first row of the heel, because the entire heel is about three stitches too far to the left. Bugger. When I get back from work I'll have to rip the whole heel out and try again. Other than this hiccup, the whole thing is going swimmingly!

The funny thing is that I kept remembering how much trouble I had with the numbers last time I did a toe up sock with a heel flap, yet I didn't stop to actually count to make sure it wouldn't have happened again. I'll never learn will I?


Just another photo-post

In May I told myself that I would post every day that month. For once I felt like I was really blogging. Then of course, the month ended, and I went right back to where I started, which is not blogging much at all.

I did take a bunch of pictures of things for Ravelry though. Stuff you haven't even seen.

Like the world's fugliest granny sweater. It was my first sweater. You will never see me in it, unless it miraculously changes it's shape. I may severely block it to make it do this.

My Cablenet sock, which is just starting the heel flap.

Some Pink Chocolate Stripe anklets I knit in March out of leftover Lorna's Laces in Iris Garden and Chocolate.

Mr. Cornelious Dangly, an almost finished gift for a friend.

Knitpicks Wool of the Andes, to be knit into an Interweave sweater.

Maybe soon I'll have something interesting to post about....

Until then I'm off to the pub for drinks with the rest of the film crew.


Coupling Cocktail

I have named these socks the Coupling Cocktail socks because the yarn really looks like a cocktail punch of some sort. It's all sorts of berry reds, apricot, grapefruit and wine red. In the last picture I uploaded the yarn looks really pink, but it's really much more red than that. Even this picture is seriously pink. Maybe by the time these are done I'll manage to get a decent picture.

I have about half an inch before I have to start the increases for the toe. The pattern is seriously flying by under my fingers.

I just realized that I should go outside since the weather is good, and not completely hot. Might as well enjoy it while it lasts! My internet is also terribly slow today, so there isn't much point in sitting inside.


Roza's Socks

A finished thing!
These were a spectacularly fun knit. I want a gazillion of these in different colours. In every yarn imaginable. For these I used Koigu on 2.25 mm needles. I did a short row toe, and then seamed the whole thing up on the bottom. While it did take longer, it fits! These are honestly the most comfortable socks I have ever made. Ever. I love love love them!

One word to the wise though, Koigu doesn't really take frogging and re-knitting too well. I had to redo the toe on one of them a few times, and if you look closely, the stitches aren't very tight or uniform for that part. I don't care much since it's just the toes, but it might be a problem for someone. That said, I'm sure that a good soak and dry to get the kinks out would have been fine, but I didn't really have that option. And I'm lazy.

ETA: I know that everyone has already seen this post, I'm sorry. There was something all skrewy with the code in this one post, and I couldn't figure out what it was. It seems to be easier to just post it again, and delete the old one.



I had completely planned for my Sockapalooza socks. I was going to make the Snicket socks. I bought pretty blue yarn. But then something happened. See, the knitting forces knew that while I liked what I had decided on, it wasn't completely right. It just wasn't good enough. So the forces showed me the new Knitty, and my choice was made for me. I simply had to make Coupling.

Not being one to argue too much with knitting forces (you never know if they are going to make you stab yourself with a metal dpn.), I went out today in search of yarn. It was found (of course) at Lettuce Knit. Two skeins of gorgeous Koigu just waiting to be knit into Coupling. I give you, Sockapakoigu.

*sigh* Sometimes it just can't be helped....


Man Feet.

There are man feet on my window sill. They are putting siding on the side of the house. They are noisy and annoying. Must get out of the house!


Jitterbug Roza Snicket Socks

As promised, proper pictures today. I was despairing a bit and was going to wait until tomorrow, but I saw a few shadows and immediately jumped outside to take these. I have one finished sock and half of the picot cast on for the second one so far. On 2.75mm needles, these babies go fast!

Here you can see the way the yarn has striped a bit better. Let me tell you, it took a lot of work to get these to that perfect point. There was a lot of ripping. In the end they are a little tight, but not uncomfortable, so I don't mind. The final stitch count came in at 48 stitches!

Here we have my interesting grafting situation. I like short row toes because my feet are kind of square. I did a short row toe, and will graft the whole shebang together later. I always wait until I have both socks done to graft the toes, so this will wait for a bit.

This is the second of my Roza's Socks. I don't known if I've actually blogged properly about these before, but here they are. I have a few idea's of how I would change the pattern if I were to knit them again. More on that when they are done. I'll probably do the same toe as I am on the Jitterbug's, which means redoing the first one. Good thing I wait to graft toes!

I finally bought yarn for my sockapalooza socks. The yarn looks grey, but it's actually light blue, the sun was making the colours go all funky. I'm going to use the Snicket Socks pattern from MagKnits. I just have to finish up some other socks before I start these. Gotta keep trucking on the Roza's!


Groundhog Bums

I had to go up to York Uni today to drop off some forms for my exchange. I realized that I'm going to miss living in res a bit. But only a bit. I got to talking with my friend Andrew, who is stuck there in summer res, about all the reasons why I hated it, and was quickly glad I'm no longer there. Living there has very few perks, mostly being 5 minutes from almost every building on campus and living with friends. Sometimes you can see wildlife too, like the groundhogs I saw today. I also saw a bunny, but it ran away before I could get my camera out. I wish I had though, it was standing about three feet away from this groundhog. I think it would have been a funny picture. There were also smaller baby groundhogs in the hedge, which must be where the hole is. They dashed away when a truck drove by, but this guy was pretty unfazed by everything.

I finished the first of my Jitterbug socks, and have created a very interesting grafting situation for a very good reason. I'll take pictures tomorrow if there is sun. I tried to take some today, but it was dark and they were crap, so I decided to wait. That's why you are stuck with a Groundhog bum.


I was going to take pictures of all my WIP's, in a half hearted attempt to truly be able to finish some of them, but I got side tracked today doing work related craftiness, so I missed all the daylight.

I would do it now, but I'm waiting for The Boy to arrive so we can go out. Heaven's knows when he'll show up, so I don't know how much of the post I'll get done.

Happy June everyone!