Left = Wrong. Right = Right.

Just a quick update before I run off to drop my bike off to get fixed. I got doored after Lettuce Knit last week, and my front brakes are shot. After that I have to go work. Luckily the bike store is only four storefronts down from work.

Anyway, I was working along pretty well on my Coupling Cocktail socks, and was trying to finish the heel so that I could work on it on the go again. Last night I though I would finish when I took a good look at my gusset stitches. It appears that I didn't count properly on the first row of the heel, because the entire heel is about three stitches too far to the left. Bugger. When I get back from work I'll have to rip the whole heel out and try again. Other than this hiccup, the whole thing is going swimmingly!

The funny thing is that I kept remembering how much trouble I had with the numbers last time I did a toe up sock with a heel flap, yet I didn't stop to actually count to make sure it wouldn't have happened again. I'll never learn will I?

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Danielle said...

I've done the same kind of thing, before...Don't be too hard on yourself! The colors are beautiful!!