Groundhog Bums

I had to go up to York Uni today to drop off some forms for my exchange. I realized that I'm going to miss living in res a bit. But only a bit. I got to talking with my friend Andrew, who is stuck there in summer res, about all the reasons why I hated it, and was quickly glad I'm no longer there. Living there has very few perks, mostly being 5 minutes from almost every building on campus and living with friends. Sometimes you can see wildlife too, like the groundhogs I saw today. I also saw a bunny, but it ran away before I could get my camera out. I wish I had though, it was standing about three feet away from this groundhog. I think it would have been a funny picture. There were also smaller baby groundhogs in the hedge, which must be where the hole is. They dashed away when a truck drove by, but this guy was pretty unfazed by everything.

I finished the first of my Jitterbug socks, and have created a very interesting grafting situation for a very good reason. I'll take pictures tomorrow if there is sun. I tried to take some today, but it was dark and they were crap, so I decided to wait. That's why you are stuck with a Groundhog bum.

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