On Wednesday, at Knitting, I made a bit of a scene. Well, not really, but I did concern quite a few people (myself included) with a very very small sweater front. It is pictured on the left. The blocked out version is on the right. I am happy to announce that all is well, and that it blocked out just as I hoped and planned it would!

The fronts and back are blocked and ready to go, I just have to finish one sleeve and then I'm ready for the seaming! Almost there....

ps. Please excuse the poor quality of the above photo, I didn't realize it was blurry until just now...


Wet wet wet.

Hello peeps! So I'm still internet-less, though more importantly, I'm also apartment-less as well. What? you might say, didn't you just move into a place? Ah, dear reader, you are right, I haven't even been there for a month yet. However, when I returned from a friend's cottage on Saturday I discovered that my building's roof flooded in Friday's heavy rains. While my unit is fine, with very little water damage, there are still huge fans and dehumidifiers everywhere. So I'm living at my parents place, which means sleeping in the basement.

The cottage was amazing though, and is a good memory to think of when dealing with such things. We did lots of swimming in the lake, sitting on the dock, drinking beer and eating food for three days. There were twelve of us, and it's a miracle/example of us being grown ups instead of teens that we all got fed properly the whole time.

I did some knitting with my friend Renee, who is working on a Harry Potter sweater vest, and needed help seaming it up.

In this picture I am working on some Charade socks out of the new Lettuce Knit colourway from STR, which is gorgeous. It's all pinky and cream and green and blue, with a bit of gray.

I've also been knitting on my Ravelympics project, Tempest. I'm using some amazing cobweb weight yarn I bought in Florence, in gray and blue. I'm double stranding it and I still have a much smaller gauge than the pattern, so I'm knitting a bunch of sizes up. This is the front, which looks tiny, but it streatches way out when it's blocked, so I'm not freaking out. Too much.

I think when I'm done this piece I'll block it and the back and seam them up right away, just to make sure. Better safe than sorry!

Oh, and I now really want to make myself some Dr. Horrible's Sing A-long blog dolls.



So I've been totally lax about posting, which is bad considering the cliff hanger I left you all with. My new job is at Lettuce Knit, the formidable yarn establishment in Toronto. I have survived three shifts unscathed. I even learned how to spin!

I've also been moving into a new apartment, which means that all my waking hours are spent packing, unpacking, or working at the store. I haven't had the chance to take any pictures in the daylight yet, but I'll tell you that Dollar and a Half is kicking my ass. Hopefully I have found it's kryptonite and will whip it into submission sometime soon.

So not to have a completely lame photo, I will leave you with a totally awesome sign I painted at my friend's music festival in England a few weeks ago. The Beat Hive was full of dance and hip hop music, and is where I saw Yacht, who made my weekend. I have Yacht inside me!