Anatomy no more! (for now)

My brain is all jumpy right now. I had a medium bowl of frozen yoghurt from Yogen Fruz and a regular cup of white mocha coffee from Second Cup. Buzzzz! The frozen yoghurt was a reward for doing two tests today, both in Anatomy. I hate Anatomy. The thing I look forward to school being done the most is that I no longer have to worry about that class. Bah. The coffee is for the essay that's due tomorrow that I haven't started. I may have accidentaly overdone the caffine. Damn.

I'm getting into knitting podcasts now. I'm listening to Cast on right now, much fun. I nearly pissed my pants laughing at her discription of the fugliest yarn EVER. People ran into my room to see if I was okay because I was laughing so hard and they could hear me down the hall. I really dig this podcast thing. It's like my own little knitting advice in my room. The thing about living up at Keele and Steeles is that there isn't a lot in the way of a knitting comunity. There are people who knit, but there isn't really anyone who has more experience than me to show me how to do things. I don't say this concietedly. I know this is true since I taught most of the people in my building that I know knit. I don't thing anyone is as into it as me. When I go home at the end of the semester I want to start going to a Stitch n' Bitch, just to have more of that community. I like my knitting bubble.

I found the picture off google. I just wanted a picture of muscles.


Ah ah ah ah ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

For anyone who reads the webcomic Questionable Content, this is going to be a spoiler. Do not read anyfurther, but instead go straight to the site and read the latest! If you don't read Questionable Content, I highly suggest it. Start at the beginning and read up to now. It's very amusing. And there isnt' really and questionable content, that's just the name of the comic.

Dora kissed Marten! AH! Oh my Juicifer. I can't believe it. They were all sort of datey, and then bam! Dora kisses him. But what about Faye?!?!?!?! Faye will go all (more) crazy again and then she and Hannelore will be all sulky and crazy, and lusty after Marten. But we all know that Marten can't split three ways, so they'll just have to be crazy. Juicifer! After reading it I spent a minute sitting in front of my computer yelling ah! ah! ah! ah! and wondering who I could tell. Then I remembered my good old blog. *sigh* this way I don't have to go wake up Miranda to tell her about it.

Now back to memorizing the circulatory system.


so ... sleepy ...

Why are Thursday's scheduled as university party nights? Why? Every Thursday we all go out, drink a little too much, and go to bed rediculously late. Sometimes I just want to go to bed early, screw everyone else. I did this a few times last term. But this term my freind Mira has slept over every week. And she want's to party. She stays over to party. So I have to party. Damn. I love her dearly, she's my special Mira-friend, but sometimes I want to sleep. This week has been some how lacking in the sleep department. I think I had one bad night of sleep, then Thursday I went to bed later and because of the drinks.... actually I didn't drink on Thursday. I had a juice. hmm. Well I slept crappily again and got up early. Then yesterday Trevor and I went to Burlington for a birthday party of a friend of his (Jess) at his house. That was where the alchol was consumed. Bah. I'm going to bed. Then I can get up at a resonable hour and cram for the two tests I have on Monday. Juicifer I'm screwed.

Juicifer comes from Renee who drinks coffee on pubnights instead of alchol. We decided we should come up with new swear words instead of saying "oh my god", or "dear lord" all the time. She was trying to say Jupiter and Lucifer at the same time. Thus Juicifer was born. He is the Dark Lord of Juice.



I googled Beautiful just now. What I found was just a bunch of ordinary landscapes and group shots. But someone, somewhere, thought these pictures were special enough to label them beautiful.

Day 10: Knitting Olympics

I will unfortunately have to withdraw from the Knitting Olympics. I know, it's sad. I could probably knit the hat again, but I don't want to knit the same pattern again, after such a small lapse of time. And I don't have any 4mm dpns to do the mittens. I'll need the 4mm's for the top of the hat too. So there. I've started my punk ass sweater anyways, and am no longer under the stress of finishing. Because I can't. It's like an injury, I just don't have the equipment. *le sigh* There's always next time!


Day 7: Knitting Olympics

The hat now has a lining and is the most adorable hat ever. Must make myself one too. I was at Romni's buying needles to make a sweater and the proper size for the hat, and I showed the woman who was helping me it. She loved it! She said I should block it a bit bigger to show the skullies better.
I've started the mittens. Fair Isle on DPNs is way more complicated. Very awkward. It's coming along, but I've had a few mishaps. I dropped a few stitches, which meant ripping back to fix them. I also read the pattern wrong at one point, had to rip back for that too. Each time it was only a few rows, but still. Right now I'm almost past the first skully.
Jesse (my younger but no longer little brother) wants me to make him a new i-pod sock with skullies on it. I made him a sock when he first got the i-pod, but it's stretched out and not very good. and also very very grungy. When I showed him the skully hat all he could say was "how do you do that?" with imense incredulousness. I'm happy to have instilled some awe in him.


Day 4: Knitting Olympics

Happy Valentines day all, I hope it was spent well. If it wasn't Valentines-ey, then I hope you just had a good day.
The knitting has hit a snag. I knit the hat but it is very much too small for me. When I swatched I didn't do the pattern, I just knit the yarn. Apparently I knit quite tightly when it's fair isle (and I have a nagging suspision that I knew that this was possible before I started). I figure I'll keep the hat and maybe give it to a baby when it's born. The hat is even to small for my cousin. I'll knit myself a properly sized one later. I think it would make a pretty cute baby hat. You don't notice the skullies at first, and ... well it's just adorable. Maybe I'll keep it for when (in the very distant future) I have a kid. I don't know anyone who's expecting right now. Maybe my mom knows of someone. I'll have to ask.
Today was also Trevor's Birthday. I made breakfast, we made lunch and he made dinner. We watched Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade, and Near Dark, which Renee and Andrew gave him. Between movies, Trevor played Metal Gear 3 and I knit. I loved Indiana Jones. It was so funny and had a few aww moments, some romance, lots of action and intruige. It has everything. And Sean Connery is very good in it.


Day 3: Knitting Olympics

I've done another pattern repeat on the hat, so now there are two rows of skullies. Everytime people are around I find myself randomly saying Skullies! to them and showing it off. I'm a little worried about it being small, but if it is, I'll give it to my younger cousin and make myself a bigger one. She'll love it.

Arty Kid

Whether you were a drama freak or an emo poet, you definitely were expressive and unique.

You're probably a little less weird these days - but even more talented!


Day 1: Knitting Olympics

This is how much I had done last night by about 9:30pm on my Olympic project. Then I hit the real section of the chart, where the number of stitches really counts. I discovered that I was 20 stitches short. bah! The pattern calls for 128, and I'd somehow missed a set of 20, and only cast on 108. So I frogged it and started again. I counted my stitches and put stitchmarkers in every 20 while I cast on. No way to mess up. Wrong. I got to the exact same point this morning and realised that I had made the exact same mistake. 20 stitches short. Bah! Double Bah! Frogged again. This time when I ripped it back, I only left the first real row of stitches on and just added 20 to that. That way there was no possible way for me to screw up. I managed to knit much past that point now. I have some serious amounts of sitting in front of the tv to thank for that. I don't think I'll have as much luck tomorrow, I get to go downtown!

I've decided I'll do the whole set, hat and mittens. I'll have to go to Romni's tomorrow to get another two balls of yarn for the mittens, and a pair of US 1 circulars for the lining of the hat. I somehow forgot to get the second pair of circulars when I went before. This is all so exciting!

I've be looking at everyone's blogs looking for progress reports... How is everyone doing?! I hope the Pub night went well, I wish I could have gone, but no dice. Next year... I'll definentaly be 100% legal then. Good luck everyone!


"Haha!" said the minisweater.

This is the picture in which the almost-finished-minisweater laughs at the almost-finished-hand because she knows that she will be finished first. Even though the hand is due tomorrow. And while we have 4 hours to work on it in class, I should probably at least sketch out it's twin before class. All this and I know that I just want to finish my minisweater!

Leeches eh?

Being sucked dry by leeches isn't so bad.
You will be sucked dry by a leech. I'd stay away

from swimming holes, and stick to good old

cement. Even if it does hurt like hell when

your toe scrapes the bottom.

What horrible Edward Gorey Death will you die?
brought to you by Quizilla

This quiz reminds me of Mira, who has the entire Edward Gorey Death poster on the back of her bathroom door. It's fun to read at 2 in the morning when you're going pee and are still quite drunk. Or normaly in the afternoon. It's allways funny. I'm pretty sure that if you asked her, she would be able to recite the entire poem to you off by heart. Mira's special that way.

I just realised that the Olympic starting point is at 2 on Friday afternoon. I will have to take a slow start. My boyfriend has a play in a festival here at York called Playground, and I'm seeing the Friday mattinee. It starts at 1. *le sigh*. What can I do....Nothing! I have girlfriendly obligations. And it's intarsia, so I can't really knit through the plays. Plus I wouldn't want to because I've heard that they are quite good.

In order to not have another completely pictureless post, here is the couch that Mira and I covered for Trevor's play. It is the couch of sex. Unfortunately Trevor decieded that ultimately the couch did nothing for the play and cut it out. After we had spent an afternoon working on it. Oh well, it is still the couch of sex.

Just look at my sexy sexy legs! And what an attractive posture! heehee, I actually do like this picture

The other one is funny because of Andrew's lounging.


Shrug On, Shrug Off

In the desperate need to start something new and interesting and actually finish it, I decided to start Glampyre's Minisweater (boobholder). this is the second try. The first time I didn't check my gauge at all and just started knitting. Let's just say it was baby sized and got the frog later that night. This time round is going quite well. I knit almost all yesterday and finished the upper half of the body and shoulders. Today I'm working on the body. My roommate saw it and wants one now. I might have to make her one.
I would show you a picture, but Blogger is being stupid and keeps telling me that "the document contains no data" so pictures will have to wait. And now I really should go work on my drawing of hands, since I'm very behind in my drawing class. Bah.

Haha, figured it out. Aren't my sheets crazy?


Ring and finished

I finally signed up to be a part of a ring last night while I was procrastinating. I'm in the queue right now for the Toronto Knit Blogs ring right now. Fun Fun! Maybe now I'll get more people reading this than just me. woot woot.
Nothing else has happened chez moi since last post. Except that I finished my two bibliographies that were due and started on the first steps to being friends with Miriam. yay! Natalie wins. And is still awake. le poop. I wonder if the boys are still playing video games.....