Day 7: Knitting Olympics

The hat now has a lining and is the most adorable hat ever. Must make myself one too. I was at Romni's buying needles to make a sweater and the proper size for the hat, and I showed the woman who was helping me it. She loved it! She said I should block it a bit bigger to show the skullies better.
I've started the mittens. Fair Isle on DPNs is way more complicated. Very awkward. It's coming along, but I've had a few mishaps. I dropped a few stitches, which meant ripping back to fix them. I also read the pattern wrong at one point, had to rip back for that too. Each time it was only a few rows, but still. Right now I'm almost past the first skully.
Jesse (my younger but no longer little brother) wants me to make him a new i-pod sock with skullies on it. I made him a sock when he first got the i-pod, but it's stretched out and not very good. and also very very grungy. When I showed him the skully hat all he could say was "how do you do that?" with imense incredulousness. I'm happy to have instilled some awe in him.

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