"Haha!" said the minisweater.

This is the picture in which the almost-finished-minisweater laughs at the almost-finished-hand because she knows that she will be finished first. Even though the hand is due tomorrow. And while we have 4 hours to work on it in class, I should probably at least sketch out it's twin before class. All this and I know that I just want to finish my minisweater!


Erin said...

wow you have the crazy skills at drawing hands! I'm super impressed! Are you going to come out to the Olympic pubnight? (Friday 7pm Duke of York @ St George Stn?)

Erin said...

I go to the SnB @ Lettuce Knit (Kensington Market). It isn't fair to really call it my "first time" since I'm really good friends with a bunch of the people there - I just have to work at MY knitting store on Wednesday's usually. It's a really relaxed place, we chill out until 10pm. Although I know there are some places (like Knitomatic) that have SnB's that are closer to York.

Celtic Knitter said...

Wow! This is way more amazing than I imagined . . . however, I didn't really know what to imagine because I've never seen your drawings. Excellent job!!