All those Jiggly bits

So first with some real knitting news. This is my skullie sweater. Doesn't it rock all kinds of hardcore? I am seriously loving this sweater. I've finished the border around the bottom. Well, it's the length I want to be, but I'm going to double it up. I can't think of the proper word for it right now, but you know what I mean. I made it really long, so it covers most of my bum, which just makes it like a full body hug sweater. Just the way I like it! I really want to wear it RIGHT NOW, but the needles would be pointy, *tear*! It will be the most comfortable and amazing thing ever though! I can't wait.
I really want to wear it when I go to California, on April 17th. I think that will be managable, it's only the sleeves and a massive hood. Shouldn't be too difficult.
The drawing is one I did for the class I'm taking. I put it on because it is pretty much the best drawing I've ever done, and I am super super proud of it. I was having a bit of a difficult class, and then this happened. I just decided to do a line drawing instead of trying to figure out all the shadows and stuff. So for 40 minutes I just concentrated on form. Brilliance! *doing a dance!* I also decided that it is much easier to draw nude older women, than nude young buff men. Women have all their bits tucked up and away. It is also easier to draw folds of (healthy) fat, than toned muscle. That's not to sayt that I got all giggly and embarassed when we did the first class, I just had an easier time with the actuall drawing part. Plus the woman stayed still longer than the guy.


Been a while...

I haven't been on in a while, sorry. I was... no excuses.
Yesterday Renee, Miranda and I went downtown to Romni's and got yarn. Miranda got beads at Golden Beads since she's not a knitter though. Renee got red yarn to make her Link gauntlets, her second project. And that's Link as in Zelda. She had to rip them back again today, but they're going pretty well. I got some bright green yarn to make the Punk Rock Backpack from Stitch 'n Bitch. I've already made the front pieces and have the back about 4 inches in. Not to bad since I only started yesterday.
Last night was Pi night here. Because the number for pi is 3.14159, on the third month, 14th day at 1:59 am you must eat pie and watch Daron Ayronofski's Pi. It was awesome, but we didn't get to sleep until about 4 in the morning. Yummy pie!
I also went for dinner with my dad today. We went to the East Side Mario's on Steeles and Dufferin. There is really not much to choose from in terms of nearby off campus food around here. And I really don't want to go exploring, the repercussions of getting lost up here are much greater than downtown. Blast.
To stop this from being another pictureless post, here's some shots from Trevor's band photo shoot. It was corset/Moulin Rouge night at the pub (the Absinthe), so all us girls were dressed up. I was the green fairy. We were all supposed to be adoring fans of the band. The second one is Trevor and I goofing off. It's also a better shot of the costume, which I made all of. The corset is made of duct tape that I covered in green raw silk, and then sewed detail into. The skirt is strips of lace sewed to other strips of lace, and then green tulle saftey-pinned to the top. I made the skirt ages ago, so that's why the tulle isnt' permenantally sewed in. I pinned my hair up in pin curls and slept in them, so my hair turned out uber curly, which was a lot of fun. It wasn't very hard, so I may do it more often, just for the amusement factor.


I saw a squirrel once, it was like... ch ch chhhh

So I was going to post a picture of my Minisweater, but I couldn't find any good ones. I wish I could show something, but I have no camera to show it with. The pirate sweater is coming along fairly well. I have half of the pirate face on the back done, yay! I looks pretty punk-ass. Natalie wins!
I was going to post over the weekend, but I was at home and for some reason the internet was super super super slow, so it was taking forever for the blogger page to load at all, never mind getting all the way to the posting page. Rediculous. But I'm back in residence and able to blog away with the utmost spead.
Last week I signed up for the Booty Swap that Nipper Knits is doing. I'm very excited about it. It will be my first swap! I am so looking forward to this. yay! I love pirates, yarn and I'm quite sure I'll like swaping so this will be fun.
Today was a gorgeous day. For those who missed it, I am very sorry. You should have gone outside. I met Mira and we walked down Queen St. We didn't buy much, Mira just got a little pirate thing from Magic Pony that she had been eyeing, but we saw lots of things we liked and have resolved to return when our pockets are a little better lined. I think I know the bag that I'll get for summer... We had lots of fun. It was just a nice day to be out and about and walking around. Perfect. How was your day?