Twisted Stitches

I finished the Twisted Stitch Legwarmers! They were so much fun to knit. There was some funkiness in the first one I knit, but I managed to fudge it and you can't tell at all. The second one came out perfectly. I'll try to get some modeled shots soon, it's even harder to take pictures of your own legs than it is to get pictures of your own feet. Bugger.

I used Dream in Color Smooshy in the colour Some Summer Sky. I CO 60sts instead of 58, and increased 12 sts in the purl sections when the pattern started expanding. The pattern calls for sport weight, so I had to adjust for gauge and the fact that I have calves. I think the pattern was written for tiny little model legs. I really want the book that this is from though, Knit So Fine. I love knitting with fine yarn, so I think it would be perfect.

I had loads of yarn leftover, so I am knitting Zeitgeist's Springtime in Philadelphia Beret. The colour in this photo is more accurate. It's all blues and a little bit of lilac. I am loving this pattern, but I am not loving that I do not have a circular needle in the right size. I will bike out to Mumbles tomorrow and see if Mrs. Mac's has one. I need to get out anyways!

I have also cast on another pair of socks. These are Anne Hanson's newest ones, Caterpillar. The yarn is Koigu, colourway P428. I took this photo yesterday afternoon, but after a drink at the pub it has grown exponentially. I'll get another photo of it soon. I've stalled a bit on it. I want it to be my travel knitting for the weekend, when I go to Dublin. It won't be very good if they're finished before I leave!

I have my last exam this afternoon, which I am looking forward to. Well, I'm really looking forward to having it be done. Then I can bike into town and pick up some groceries and top up my mobile, which is completely out of money. I'm only in Swansea for another week, so I don't need much, but I've run out of bread and cereal. I'll have to have oatmeal again today, but that will put me out of milk! It's a tricky business, this using up food. Sometimes you have to buy food to do it. Oh, I will buy some veg so I can do a chicken stir fry with rice. Sounds delicious!