Soctober Fest!

So I've been trying to post this for almost a week now, but my internet has been seriously sucking, so it kept getting delayed. Bah! I also feel bad since I haven't really blogged in a freaking coon's age, so this is crazy overdue.

However, all shall be fixed now. In the spirit of Socktoberfest, I will show off some of my excellent socks. First off, these are my Mineshaft socks. I'm debating finding a new name for them, but the colourway name just works so well, don't you think? It is Lorna's Laces, in Mineshaft of course. The pattern is my own, and I'm thinking of writing it up once I'm done, but I'm not convinced yet. It's not a complicated pattern, but it's kind of hard to explain. Plus I'm not really sure if it's already been done. Thoughts?

I've knit these primarily on the subway to and from school over the past month, and they've been going along pretty steadily. I've reversed the slipstitch on the second sock to that they'll be symmetrical, which is looking way cool. As you can see, I'm about half way done the cuff on the second one. What I really like about this stitch pattern is that it really breaks up the yarn from striping, which I find Lorna's does a lot. Sometimes it's nice to have that plain ol' vanilla sock with stripes, but I wanted something a little more interesting for these guys.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a happy thanksgiving this weekend, mine was delicious! Happy Socktoberfest!