Snail Mail Mittens

So this is an old FO, but it hasn't really been shown off here, so I figured you all would still want to see it. The pattern is Snail Mittens, from the Knitters Book of Yarn, by Adrian Bizilia. The yarn is Blue Skies Alpaca Sport. I have a serious love for both the yarn and the mittens. They are incredibly warm, especially since they are alpaca, doubled. I was concerned about them coming out too big, and overcompensated a bit, so they turned out a little small. There is one good thing about them being too small, no one can steal them, as they are too smal for everyone else as well. I think I've only found one person at Knit Night who can fit into them. They are fine for this winter, but I will probably make new ones for next winter. Fine by me, there are so many beautiful patterns out there, plus I have a million more in my head. I'm especially enamoured with one that will feature goldfish.