Cute! Little! Baby! Hats!

Proof I've still been knitting! Though I doubt any of you ever worried about that...
I actually only knit one of these, the cream one, my friend Jake knit the other two. They are his first and second projects ever. Mine is for a cousin expecting her first at the end of the month, and Jake's are for his nephews. I don't really want them to go though, I really like having this little trio of cuteness on my coffee table!

The pattern is the Bulky Baby Hat, by Blue Skies Alpaca, knit in their Bulky Naturals. (try saying that three time fast!) At two stitches to the inch, these guys are super fast, even for a beginner. I think they are a perfect first project since you get down casting on, knitting, purling, decreasing and finishing all done in an afternoon or two. Not to mention that I made Jake knit it on dpns instead of taking the flat option. He knit the first one in two evenings, though only because right before he was about to start decreasing we found that he had accidentally increased a few inches back. Being a bit of a perfectionist he insisted on ripping back and re-knitting it. At that gauge 1 stitch makes a huge difference, so it was probably for the best. The second one was knit in an afternoon sitting at the shop while I worked.