Spring Has Sprung

I was reading through my bloglines list, and I noticed that a lot of people have caught the creative spring bug. You know, that point where the weather warms up a bit, the flowers start blooming, the trees start... leafing. You just want to creat something, to grow and have something of your own bloom. The creative juices just start flowing.
I started working again today. I am babysitting a beautiful 7 month old boy, and his 6 year old sister. It'll be mostly Luis and I for a while, since Alexandra will be in school until June. I just have to pick her up from school at the end of the day. Luis is a wonder baby though, he plays by himself, laughs and babbles. He doesn't get very cranky or grumpy, he's mostly content. Which all makes my job so much more enjoyable. I'm looking forward to the summer.


Jane Austen fan club

I found this Jane Austen quiz via notanartist's blog. I love Jane Austen, and hey, Marianne Dashwood is pretty cool, if not a bit naive when it comes to character judgements.

You scored as Marianne Dashwood. Most girls can relate with Marianne on a more personal level than some of Austen's other characters. She represents the emotional longings and struggles that seem to attack and bless us at the same time. Loyal to a fault, passionate for experience and life, and a bit over-emotional, Marianne matures and grows (making her so beloved).

Marianne Dashwood


Emma Woodhouse


Elizabeth Bennet


Jane Bennet


Elinor Dashwood


Charlotte Lucas


Lady Catherine


Which Jane Austen Character are You?
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Note to self: Read more Jane Austen.

A remedy for lazyness....

Well I've gotten a bit behind now haven't I? This shall be fixed!
The sock saga went successfully, except that I ran out of yarn 3 inches from the end of the second sock. Blast! oh well. I went last weekend and bought a new ball of sock yarn, it's green and blue varegated cotton blend, with colour repeats of 4 rows each colour. I knit it on the plane to and from California (family vacation, blame it for the absence) and finished my first pair. Except that I have to graft the toes and weave in the ends. But other than that they're done. I made them little footies, so I have loads of yarn left, since the ball is enough for two regular sized socks. I definentally have enough for another pair of footies. I think I'm going to get more colourways of the same yarn, I remember there being a delightful pink and cream combo. Maybe some yellow for project spectrum? We shall have to see.


The Sock Saga Begins

So I haven't posted very well lately, mostly because I didn't have any pictures of anything that I'd knit to show you. My posts were very dull. However, now I have pictures. And I have taken pictures every step of the way for this part. Be proud.
First I found the yarn that I'm going to use... it's a bit fugly. I bought it for 4.20 during the boxing day sale at Romni's. It had lost it's sock band, so it was wrapped in a piece of masking tape that said Socka and the price. That is all I know.
Because there was no band, I had to find gauge. I knit a tiny little tube on my 2.5 bamboo dpn's and got 8.5sts to the inch. Then I found a pattern online. I wanted something super easy, with no pattern for my first sock. No point in confusing myself.
Then I cast on, while Renee looked through my VogueKnitting and Knit1. magazines. Or maybe she's winding up the extra yarn from her super awesome Link gauntlets. I'll show you a picture of those tomorrow since this is already so picture heavy. By this morning I had most of the ribbing done. I also decided that the yarn isn't quite as fugly as I thought it would be. It'll do. I really like the bright blue that's in the middle. Very cool. I have no idea if I'll have enough yarn to do two socks, but I've decided to do only 6 inches in the ankle of the sock instead of the 8 the pattern calls for, partly in an attempt to conserve yarn. 8 seems a bit extreme anyways.
Sam, Renee and I went to Pacific mall today, and this is what I had when we got back. I've done 4 inches in the ankle part. woot woot.
I also have pictures of my super awesome skullie hoodie. The light quality in the hallway of my building is less than stellar, so this was the best I could do. I still have half the button to knit, and I have to sew on the pockets. I bought black fabric with my mom on the weekend for the lining too. I hope to finish it over Easter weekend. Damn, I need buttons too!
For some reason I can't get that one picture where I want it to go. Blast my HTML skills. Oh well.


Ho Hum

Everyone is excited and getting ready for formal, but I just want to sit in my room alone. I should shower and pincurl my hair, but I don't have the motivation. I have an exam tomorrow too, probably should study. Probably won't. Maybe it's just that time of the month...

(In knitting news I finished all the main parts of the sweater! I wear it everywhere, even though it doesn't button up at all. I've started the button band and am probably 2/3 of the way. That and pockets left)


So close!

Only 5o more rows for the sleeve of the skullie sweater, the pockets and the button band left! The good thing about finishing the sleeves is that then I can wear it while knitting the rest. I think I'll block it before I attach the button band-ish thing, the hood is all flopsy and I don't want it to go all funky since it's being added afterwards.