Follow Me Down the Rabbit Hole!

Four years ago I was a 1st year in university, living in a dorm. I had just discovered, mostly by chance, the wonderful online world of knitting, and when I got back to school in January I decided to join it. I started this little blog. It followed me through school, to Europe and back again. It was there when I lived in my own apartment for a year, and while York was on strike. It was still there when I moved back in with my parents six months ago. I'm not going to lie to you, it never got any where I thought it would, but I don't know that I was ever proud enough of it to really show it off. It's a bit like having your mom over to your first dark dingy little basement apartment. The best thing this blog ever did for me was let me grow into it, into not being self conscious to say that I am a blogger. However, I have bigger and better plans for myself for this coming year, and I feel like this blog is just a little too small.

On that note, I would love it if you all grabbed your hats and coats and RSS feeds and took a few steps next door to my new blog, leeleetea.ca. As of today, I will no longer be blogging on this site. All the old content from here is there already, so it's just the same, but the furniture has been rearranged. I'm sure it will continue to be rearranged as I settle in, but for now it's just right. I feel much more comfortable with the wordpress platform, and I even got fancy and got a domain name! With this being the beginning of a new decade, as well as my four year blogiversary having been on the 3rd, it seems like the perfect time for new adventures. Unlike last time I'll be trumpeting it from the mountains and telling all my friends. Well, anyone who will listen!

See you there!