Liam Titcomb for War Child

I'd like to interrupt a regularly scheduled knitting post to talk about something else that is really important to me, music! Not just any music though, a special kind. This is music that helps not just the soul, but little children around the world. My good friend Liam Titcomb has planned a two month long tour of Canada, from coast to coast, busking for War Child. It's an organization that raises money to help children affected by war around the world. If you are familiar with War Child, you might recognize a song of Liam's on their album Peace Songs, which also included tracks from the likes of Paul McCartney, David Bowie and Bryan Adams. All the money raised by these concerts will go to War Child. Everyone involved has agreed to a pay cut, and Liam isn't paying himself a dime.

What I'm asking is for everyone to check out the website and see if he'll be playing near you at any point this summer, and maybe stop by to check it out. Liam's idea is for everyone to donate $5. Now, we know what a difference even the smallest donation can make. We are knitters, and we have donated over 600,000 dollars for Doctors Without Borders. We know that every little bit counts, every drop in the bucket, every knit in the scarf, will build to create something beautiful and lasting. Just as our knitting keeps our loved ones warm, our dollars can do the same for children who are living in war torn countries, who have no home and little hope. Five dollars may not seem like much to us, but it can mean the world to someone else.

I've got some plans up my sleeve to help Liam out, but in the mean time check the sites out and see what's going on. Liam will be doing regular updates on CBC radio from the road, between 8-9am on Fridays, so tune in as well. I've added the Liam's donation widget on the side bar, donations get you a free download of one of his tunes! I've got my 5 bucks. Do you?!