So Good!

I was still procrastinating and found these, coolest mittens ever! They are Teen Girl Squad mittens, with The Ugly One and What's Her Face. I applaud her brilliance. I just had to share. And I think I'm going to have to make them very very soon. Too bad it's actually to warm in Toronto this winter to actually wear mittens. Even a coat has been optional lately! Stupid global warming.

But but but....Butt

Procrastination, thy name is Natalie. I have one annotated Bibliography due tomorrow, and another due Wednesday. I can finish one today, I mean I can work on it tonight. It's already quater to 1 and I havent' done any work on it. Well I've done all the research (almost, all I need is two more sources for the one due tomorrow, and I'm not sure if I can find all the necessary information for one of the sources due Wednesday :S ) But I'm not worried. Instead of working today I watched movie trailers and went grocery shopping with Renee. We got back and I did a bit of work, organized my sources and such, and was about to start when I realised it was 6:45 and would have to leave in half an hour to go to my Anatomy Lecture. There was no way I could get any work done in half an hour! And if I did there was no point in starting since I would only get into it and then have to stop. *le sigh* I'm being very stupid about this. After class I went to the Residence Activity Council meeting, and when I got back I made posters for some events coming up. The one for the Thursday Throw-back High School Dance is super cool. I'll scan it and show it to you tomorrow. So that was my day.
That and dead cats in the morning. For some unknown reason my TA was discussing how when she was an undergrad she would practice disections on the turkey before Christmas and Thanksgiving, which proceeded to exactly which pieces of the half disected cat would be the ones that you would eat. Only you wouldn't want to eat the disected cats since they are pumped full of formaldahyde and would probably kill you. and ewww.
Sitting here bloging to the void of the internet is not helping my current situation. Blast. Must work!


I'm a princess!

The Noble Princess

You are just and fair, a perfectionist with a

strong sense of proper decorum. You are very

attracted to chivalry, ceremony and dignity.

For the most part you are rather sensible,

but you are also very idealistic.

Role Models: Guinevere, Princess Fiona (of Shrek)

You are most likely to: Get kidnapped by a stray


What Kind of Princess are You? - Beautiful Artwork (Original Music is BACK!!!)
brought to you by Quizilla


Heehee, More Pictures!

I like having a digital camera! Fun fun fun! To bad it's not mine.

You can see here Trevor's yarn choices, note the tiny amount of navy, and not much more red.

Me posing in the mirror with Gir, severe crappyness here.

This is Gir enjoying a bit of January sunshine in my window, with my green fairy wings. I tried to pose him sitting up, but he has minus amounts of strength in his neck and just flopps over.

Sara's Hobo Mitts Lite. Aren't they sweeeeeet?

I think my computer makes a good place to pose all my knitting, I'm sure Ella won't mind. Yes, I named my computer. Got a problemo?


Hobo Mitts! Fini!

I have just enough time to post before running off to my first class in a (very) long day.
I finished my previous WIP, Josh's Hobo mitts are done and delivered. It took me less than 24 hours to make them, which I think is pretty impressive. I also finished the second of Sara's Stripey Hobo Mitts, so as soon as I can give them to my mom, they will be on the way to her. I like to call them Hobo Mitts Lite, since they are much shorter in the wrist than I normally make them, but I like it. They kick butt. If I can remember tonight, I'll post a picture. I'd been promising Trevor some Hobo mitts for a few months, but never got around to making them, so last night when he was in my room I got him to pick. He decided on red, navy and two stripes of an odd coffee colour that has dark brown stripes in it. It sounds wierd, but isn't in reality. Maybe a picture of that too. It's high time I made my amazing boyfriend some. Somehow I don't think a knitted Gir is terribly practical.
I'm thinking I may have to go and buy large quantity's of Romni's supply of Portofino since it's all in the sale room and I have no idea where else to get it. It's all I make the Hobo mitts out of and if I can't get anymore, what will I do? I need more red an navy anyways to finish Trevor's Mitts.

Sometimes the void in my head is just to many things clamouring for my attention.

Now to class.


Finally, Pictures!

I finally got my act together and borrowed a camera. Here are some very overdue pictures.

<------My current main WIP: Black and Navy Blue Hobo Mits for Josh.

My stash. This is only one side of the container. It sits under my bed to that it all the yarn everywhere won't annoy my roomate as it has a tendency to spill everywhere. Under bed storage I love you!

Two scarves I've knit this year already. The dark blue one is the Dark Blue Holey Scarf, the other matches the Squiggley hat. The Dark Blue one now also has a gold and silver fringe as well.

The blue thing at the bottom is the Branching Out lace scarf from knitty.com. It needs to be ripped back a few repeats, I stoped paying attention at one point and now everything is off. Must discover how to do this picture thing better.


Knitting Olympic Dreams

I will be joining the 2006 Knitting Olympics. From what I can tell, this new Knit-A-Long (it is a knit-a-long isn't it... knit along with the olympics...) is quickly taking over knitting-blogland. Very quickly. But that is because it is sheer brilliance. I have decided to make the Hardcore cardigan from knitty.com. I almost picked the aforementioned pirate hat, but thought that I would most certainly be able to finish it in time and that it wouldn't be enough of a challenge. What can I say, I'm crazy. To make me even more insane is that I'm going to have to completely re-do everything about it, even the intarsia on the back I think. It's a million times to big for me since it is a guys sweater and is supposed to be hip hop-ey, which is not my style at all. I'm going to have to just make the image smaller. Maybe I could find a sweater pattern that does fit and then just put the intarsia in the back. That sounds easier since I've only knit one cardigan so far... I'll have to look into this. I looked at the yarn needed, expecting it to amount to about 20 balls of something fairly expensive, but the massive version only calls for 3 balls for the smallest version and it's about 5$ a ball at one online store. SCORE! The only thing is that I'll need to ship it to my dad's hotel where ever he goes to in the states next since I don't think that the site ships to Canada. Damn. Luckily there is definentaly enough time to get it there and to start swatching before the Olympics. Natalie wins in every possible way. Huzzah! Renee is going to re-knit her kitty hat. She had to frog it since it turned out to be about 6 times to big for her and looked like it was eating her head when she put it on. I'll have to write her a revised pattern for her to read, yay math! I should really get a tape measure for my knitting kit. I'll pick one up the next time I hit Romni's. Actually I think they have really cute cheap ones at Chapters/Indigo. I know the same ones are 8$ at Romni's, which is the equivelant of at least one ball of yarn. I might just have to yoink one of the paper ones from Ikea. But that would mean a trip to Ikea. Oh well, I'll ask my mom if she has a spare.


Dear stupid

Dear Stupid,
In response to your recent abduction of my brain I would like to inform you that I would really appreciate its return. I know that it must be entertaining you greatly to watch me try and function without such a neccessary organ as I myself have laughed at the misfortunate stupidness of others. However there will be dire consequences if I do not have my brain returned in the eminent future. I rue the day that you entered my life and filled my head with your nothingness and cotton ball fuzzyness. Heads will roll if the neccesary action is not taken imediately.
My meaninless shell of a body, Natalie


After the Weekend

So this weekend I went to Trevor's house for the weekend. Super fun. I was a little nervous since it was the first time spending an extended amount of time with his parents, but it ended up being completely fine. His parents took us to see Colin Mocherie and Brad something do improv at the Living Arts center in Mississauga. Twas halarious. V. funny. We all nearly split our pants laughing, my stomach hurt so much when we left.
I also got a quasi driving lesson since Trevor's dad had to teach him to drive a standard. Very interesting since I have no clue on how to drive. Well now I have a tiny clue about how it all fits together, but no practical idea. I really need to learn how to drive over the summer. I certainly won't do it before that. There just isn't time to get my licence before the then. As a result I will not see Trevor all summer since he will be working at an overnight camp the whole time. Sadness. Luckily it is January and I don't have to worry about that until June. Woot!
I have decided what I need to knit next. Pirate hat! It is the coolest pirate hat EVER! there was a lot of spazing when I saw that nipperknits is making one with black and pink instead of black and white. I also want to make mittens, but I may change the pattern for that and make the skulls bigger. So exciting. Also because I've never really officially done fair isle, so this would be my first forray into the world of that. But what better project than a pirate hat?
One of my roomate's freinds just ran in looking for her, saw Renee knitting, and flipped. I'm now teaching her tomorrow. Score! One more converted! Renee is knitting the kitty eared hat that's in Stitch n' Bitch. You can find it online too on kittyville.com. I just noticed that this post has a fair number of links. Interesting.


Win Win Win

Muahahahaha, Natalie has had her first comment O-Doom X! Well it really wasn't that doomie, but you know what I mean. It's good to know that I'm not the only person who reads this.
In (un) related news, I have conquered cables! *more evil cackle*. I decided that Stitch n' Bitch Nation has written the wrong numbers. There is no possible way to C4b, and then C4f since you then have no stitches left in the middle. Instead I decided to cable 2, and it looks like the picture in the book, so I must be doing something right. At any rate, I win.

Cables of DEATH

I will conquer cables! I will I will! I can't understand the instructions in Stitch n' Bitch Nation, not in relation to the cable pattern given for the Belt de Jour. I'm going to make a guitar strap for Meegwun since he used a shoestring and a lanyard as one tonight. And if we are going to make trubadoring a weekly tradition, then he is most certainly going to need a real one. Best fun night ever! Cables will be mine!
I finished the Dark Blue Holey Scarf. It was dark blue mohair that has gold and silver specs in it and some of the ribboney stuff I always use. Heck if I can remember what it's called. But I knit the scarf in a day. In lecture. It probably took about 3 hours. That would be because I was using size HUGE needles. Like 15 or something, very large.


Natalie be Genius!

Natalie be Genius! that is Genius, not genius. I found out how to add sidebar thinguses. I did this by viewing the Source of Loulou's blog (thank you for being of service) and stealing the code. Muahahahaha. I advise this method of figuring HTML stuff out since it saves a lot of time. If it works on someone else's blog/site, then it will most likely work on yours. It also teaches you the (generally) correct method of writting the code. Woot.
Mira came to class today with a shirt that said WWZD, What Would Zim Doom? and had a picture of Zim and Gir (with his octopus on his head) on it. She made the shirt herself. It was super cool. In other Invader Zim news, Gir is almost done. I made his antenae today, but haven't put it on yet since I want to see if I can figure out some possible way to make it stick up instead of being all floppy like his head. BLAST! oh well. Next thing to conquer (took me a while there to remember that conquer is spelt qu and not with a k or a c.) is his hands, which look nothing like normal hands since Gir is a robot.
I knit on my Squiggley scarf in Arts and Ideas today. It's coming along, but all the fuzzy whiteness is getting monotonus. It's being swallowed by the vortex that is .... you know what I mean. Where the knitting just never seems to end and no matter how much you seem to knit but it never seems to get longer.
I just showed my friends the black "cool boys knit" sweater from the summer 2005 issue of knitty. There was a large chorus of "I want that sweater!" and "I want a boy who knits!". Brilliant.


poor kitties.

argh, I'm having much difficulties figuring out how to add a section to the side of my page to show how much progress I've made to my WIP's. I don't want to mess with the code, for fear that I may permanently screw everything up forever. I really like the template I'm using right now, so any unnecessary changes seem kind of stupid.
At any rate, I've finished the scarf. I bought super fuzzy white yarn that hasn't a natural fiber in it and knit a two foot long scarf. The I picked up a million stitches all around it and knit a ruffled edge in the blue stuff my mom gave me for Christmas. It looks kind of like one of those fish like things that almost suction along the sea floor. I have no idea what they're called. Some sort of sea urchin thing. I'm working on a matching hat right now. I could only find two balls of the white stuff, so I'm hoping that Romni's gets more in so that I can get more and make mittens too.
This morning I had to touch dead cats. Ew. It was really wierd. And really kind of gross. I was okay until I took my gloves off and I could feel all the powder stuff on my fingers. It was very odd. I just had a wave of disgust. I can't stand the feeling of stuff on my hands or fingers that I didn't consciously mean to put there. That doesn't really make any sense. At any rate it was wierd.
Must do more sketches for drawing. We have to do 5 pages a week and I only have 1.


the second....

So there are still no photo's. Oops, I still haven't yoinked anyone's digital to take photo's yet. But the legwarmers are amazing and have been deemed sexy sexy by all. Vair cool. The Gir is still missing his various missing appendages, oh well. I started the Italian stuff... about 15 times. I have about 8 inches right now, but I still don't like it, so I'm going to frog it again. I only have 3 balls and I really want to make a whole mitten, hat and scarf set. I'm going to see if I can get 3 or 4 balls of something similar in white to match it and do stripes or something. The Italian stuff is varicoloured blue, so I'm pretty sure it will work fairly well. And having nice hats and mitts is all we can do when it's snowing and cold out in this fridgid Canadian weather. I went to sleep last night and it was very cold but there was no snow at all. This morning I wake up and BAM, there's at least 3cms and it's still falling. Snow snow snow.


blog the first

So this is my first forage into the knitting blogs world. None of my friends are as crazy into knitting as I am, so I can't really talk to them without them tuning me out within 40 seconds.
The thing I've been working on lately is a pair of white legwarmers from the Fall/Winter 2005 issue of Knit.1 which are amazing. The magazine calls them Leggins, but they are odviously legwarmers. I've decided (very quickly) to not make the cuff since I can't exactly understand why it's there, or how exactly how it works. The picture is completely unexplanitory. At this point I'm suffering from a titch of second sock/legwarmer syndrome, I'm about 2/3 of the way done the second one and I'm going absolutely batty since there seems to be absolutely no end in sight of them being done. I'm sure they'll be done soon though, they can't be completely unfinishable.
I realised I left the ball of teal yarn I need to finish The Boy's (my boyfriend) Gir robot doll that I made him for Chrimbo hols. One of those *BLAST!* moments. All I have to do is make the antena and there's a little teal ball on the end. I should be able to go home on the weekend and get my stash then. That or my mom will bring all the stuff I couldn't carry on the subway. Most people got a drive to move back into University, but I took the subway. That was interesting. Most of you do not care. Especially since no one knows that I've made this blog and therefore no one will look for it or read it. Curious how things like that work out. Oh well, I'll just go and look at my new Vogue Knitting Stitchionary and pick a pattern for the scarf I plan to make out of the super super soft yarn that my mom brought me from Italy. The brand is Leopard Lane in Ador. I should get a camera so I can take pictures of everything. I'll borrow one in the next few days and take pictures of Gir, the legwarmers (hopefully finished) and the Italian yarn. Tirah!