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So this is my first forage into the knitting blogs world. None of my friends are as crazy into knitting as I am, so I can't really talk to them without them tuning me out within 40 seconds.
The thing I've been working on lately is a pair of white legwarmers from the Fall/Winter 2005 issue of Knit.1 which are amazing. The magazine calls them Leggins, but they are odviously legwarmers. I've decided (very quickly) to not make the cuff since I can't exactly understand why it's there, or how exactly how it works. The picture is completely unexplanitory. At this point I'm suffering from a titch of second sock/legwarmer syndrome, I'm about 2/3 of the way done the second one and I'm going absolutely batty since there seems to be absolutely no end in sight of them being done. I'm sure they'll be done soon though, they can't be completely unfinishable.
I realised I left the ball of teal yarn I need to finish The Boy's (my boyfriend) Gir robot doll that I made him for Chrimbo hols. One of those *BLAST!* moments. All I have to do is make the antena and there's a little teal ball on the end. I should be able to go home on the weekend and get my stash then. That or my mom will bring all the stuff I couldn't carry on the subway. Most people got a drive to move back into University, but I took the subway. That was interesting. Most of you do not care. Especially since no one knows that I've made this blog and therefore no one will look for it or read it. Curious how things like that work out. Oh well, I'll just go and look at my new Vogue Knitting Stitchionary and pick a pattern for the scarf I plan to make out of the super super soft yarn that my mom brought me from Italy. The brand is Leopard Lane in Ador. I should get a camera so I can take pictures of everything. I'll borrow one in the next few days and take pictures of Gir, the legwarmers (hopefully finished) and the Italian yarn. Tirah!

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Elise said...

Don't say that noone reads your blog - I do! And I am waiting with baited breath to see the pictures of your GIR! I have been since you started him - I knit myself and I think you are so clever and creative (and amazingly conscientious to get your projects done - I flit from one to the other and it drives my partner nuts cos of all the space it takes up in our tiny apartment!).

So there! :)

(Adelaide, South Australia)

PS I even told my mates about your GIR cos we all love Invader Zim.