Finally, Pictures!

I finally got my act together and borrowed a camera. Here are some very overdue pictures.

<------My current main WIP: Black and Navy Blue Hobo Mits for Josh.

My stash. This is only one side of the container. It sits under my bed to that it all the yarn everywhere won't annoy my roomate as it has a tendency to spill everywhere. Under bed storage I love you!

Two scarves I've knit this year already. The dark blue one is the Dark Blue Holey Scarf, the other matches the Squiggley hat. The Dark Blue one now also has a gold and silver fringe as well.

The blue thing at the bottom is the Branching Out lace scarf from knitty.com. It needs to be ripped back a few repeats, I stoped paying attention at one point and now everything is off. Must discover how to do this picture thing better.

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