After the Weekend

So this weekend I went to Trevor's house for the weekend. Super fun. I was a little nervous since it was the first time spending an extended amount of time with his parents, but it ended up being completely fine. His parents took us to see Colin Mocherie and Brad something do improv at the Living Arts center in Mississauga. Twas halarious. V. funny. We all nearly split our pants laughing, my stomach hurt so much when we left.
I also got a quasi driving lesson since Trevor's dad had to teach him to drive a standard. Very interesting since I have no clue on how to drive. Well now I have a tiny clue about how it all fits together, but no practical idea. I really need to learn how to drive over the summer. I certainly won't do it before that. There just isn't time to get my licence before the then. As a result I will not see Trevor all summer since he will be working at an overnight camp the whole time. Sadness. Luckily it is January and I don't have to worry about that until June. Woot!
I have decided what I need to knit next. Pirate hat! It is the coolest pirate hat EVER! there was a lot of spazing when I saw that nipperknits is making one with black and pink instead of black and white. I also want to make mittens, but I may change the pattern for that and make the skulls bigger. So exciting. Also because I've never really officially done fair isle, so this would be my first forray into the world of that. But what better project than a pirate hat?
One of my roomate's freinds just ran in looking for her, saw Renee knitting, and flipped. I'm now teaching her tomorrow. Score! One more converted! Renee is knitting the kitty eared hat that's in Stitch n' Bitch. You can find it online too on kittyville.com. I just noticed that this post has a fair number of links. Interesting.


Née said...

hmm, standard. You won't be the only one learning this summer!

Natalie said...

yay! go learning to drive!