Cables of DEATH

I will conquer cables! I will I will! I can't understand the instructions in Stitch n' Bitch Nation, not in relation to the cable pattern given for the Belt de Jour. I'm going to make a guitar strap for Meegwun since he used a shoestring and a lanyard as one tonight. And if we are going to make trubadoring a weekly tradition, then he is most certainly going to need a real one. Best fun night ever! Cables will be mine!
I finished the Dark Blue Holey Scarf. It was dark blue mohair that has gold and silver specs in it and some of the ribboney stuff I always use. Heck if I can remember what it's called. But I knit the scarf in a day. In lecture. It probably took about 3 hours. That would be because I was using size HUGE needles. Like 15 or something, very large.

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oh boy... said...

Good for you, Nat, taking time in your lectures to make sure that something tangible gets accomplished. I wish you all the best. A friend of mine in new mesico wants to use hemp yarn but is unable to garner it because of western freako fears of cannibas abuse.... it is a pity as she is a brilliant designer.... all the best to you in your studies... don't forget to study poetry and ask for Barry Dempster. He has done some work at York and is very much worthwhile for introductory exposure.... hell, now I am trying to manipulate your education... apologies...