poor kitties.

argh, I'm having much difficulties figuring out how to add a section to the side of my page to show how much progress I've made to my WIP's. I don't want to mess with the code, for fear that I may permanently screw everything up forever. I really like the template I'm using right now, so any unnecessary changes seem kind of stupid.
At any rate, I've finished the scarf. I bought super fuzzy white yarn that hasn't a natural fiber in it and knit a two foot long scarf. The I picked up a million stitches all around it and knit a ruffled edge in the blue stuff my mom gave me for Christmas. It looks kind of like one of those fish like things that almost suction along the sea floor. I have no idea what they're called. Some sort of sea urchin thing. I'm working on a matching hat right now. I could only find two balls of the white stuff, so I'm hoping that Romni's gets more in so that I can get more and make mittens too.
This morning I had to touch dead cats. Ew. It was really wierd. And really kind of gross. I was okay until I took my gloves off and I could feel all the powder stuff on my fingers. It was very odd. I just had a wave of disgust. I can't stand the feeling of stuff on my hands or fingers that I didn't consciously mean to put there. That doesn't really make any sense. At any rate it was wierd.
Must do more sketches for drawing. We have to do 5 pages a week and I only have 1.

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