Today is my birthday. I am 22. I ate homemade banana cranberry bread for breakfast, which was a present from my friend Clara. I worked at the pool for two hours. I went for tea at Future's with an old friend. I took a long nap in my parents Queen bed. That helped with the late night from the birthday celebrations from the night before.

Then we ate the delicious meal my mummy organized. My brother will have you know that he did 90% of the barbecuing, and my dad only came and helped/rescued the lamb chops at the end. We had all my favourite foods. Mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes, roasted red peppers. And then we had tart.
I've decided to try and do a 365. It's where you take a picture everyday for a year. I've been thinking of this for a while, and decided that I would do it for a birth year, instead of a calender year. Calender years seem kind of arbitrary to me anyway. Here's number one!

Oh, and hello to all the people who've found me this week from Steph's post on the blanket. I hope you and your knitting like it here!


LIttle Dude

Here's a little dude I made for my friend Mira's birthday last week. He's made out of scraps of Heather Ross fabric that I had lying around. Innie cute?!

Happy Birthday Mira!


Me=30 Mosquitos=45 = I loose to the itchy.

Well I'm back from Squam Art Workshops ... Didn't know that I went? Well, it was a rather last minute decision, as Megan decided that she would need someone to look after Elwood while she was teaching there. The camp is a Rockywold-Deephaven, up in the New Hampshire forests. I didn't get to take any classes, so I was outside pretty much the whole time with the baby. Imagine Northern Ontario and subtract 95% of the blackflies, but keep all the mosquitos.

Yeah, I got bit a lot. Apparently I am a monchy delicious meal. I did fight back, and I'd like to think that I made a difference, but I doubt 30 dead mosquitos is actually going to change anything. In the mean time I've got to focus on not scratching the ones on my face that we got the last night.

Luckily I had a pretty cute distraction from it all, and even got a bit of knitting done. Most was when we were in transit (which is a story in itself. Note: while the alure of cheaper flights from Buffalo may be intruiging, it's not worth the whole day and two flights and a bus), and at night in the cabin, I did get some done when little E was playing in the grass one day. I spent the whole weekend entertaining him with things out of my purse, such as this little notions bag, my sunglasses and the perennial favourite of keys. Suprisingly only my sunglasses didn't make it, but that's because they got run over by the stroller when Elwood dropped them. No biggie, now I get to pick out new 5$ glasses from the market!

That gorgeous red is the new cardigan I started. It's Vivian from Twist Collection, by Ysolda. An interesting thing about this pattern is that it really gives you no indication on how much the sleeves are belled. I knit the cuff as a guage swatch, and realized that I was in no way going to put up with that much extra fabric, so I ripped back and recast on at the first regular chart repeat. This meant that I also cut out a whole repeat of the sleeve, as many people said that they had problems with how long they turned out. Mine might be a teensy bit short, but I'm confident that I can block it to the right length. I always push my sleeves up anyway, so it's all the same in the end.

Here's the first finished and second started. I had to rip out the beginning of the second as well, as I had forgotten to mirror the cables. Both sleeves are finished, however I am going to have to do some surgery to fix a very obviously miscrossed cable.

This means of course that I moved on to the body! I've been suprised at how quickly this is going, dispite the cables. I guess I'm so used to using little needles that anything over a 3.5mm seems to be huge, and this is a 5mm!

Completely unrelated, I went and saw a taping of The Hour with George Stromboulopoulos with my brother today. The special guests were Michaelle Jean and Joe Dinicol. Yes, that is Michaelle Jean as in the Governor General of Canada. She was very well spoken, especially as the topic of debate was the photo of her eating a seal heart from a few weeks ago. Jesse and I were a little dissapointed as the other guest was supposed to be a guy who went to our highschool, but Joe Dinicol was also very good, not to mention super cute! I did forget to take a picture, but you can go see Paschendale and see him there instead. I did think it was cool that his grandfather is John Neville, of Baron Munchausen fame.

As Jesse said to George as we went to get a picture, hey, it's not real 'til it's on Facebook!

I love that Jesse looks alternately sceptical and like he's going to explode from excitement. Also, I liked being able to heckle George about his "seafoam" shirt, which we thought was really "seethrough". Oh the magic of television....