Fuzzy Lamb/Bear Hat

I have wanted to make this hat since I got the book. For anyone who knows me, I am a great lover of kitsch and basically pretending I'm five years old. Combine that with the skating party I'm hosting this weekend, and this hat moved to the top of the queue pretty quickly. I knew it was fate when this yarn came into the shop, how could I say no?!

The yarn is Suri Mist, a suri alpaca and nylon blend, which means that, in addition to being completely adorable, this hat will be very warm. The ties were made out of some leftover STR Mediumweight and the inside of the ears are leftovers of some Kool-aid handdyed I did a few years ago. Everything was held double. Love!

I knit it on 10mm needles instead of the 8mm called for, so it's a little big. That was mostly because of me not paying attention. The pattern calls for size 10.5. Oops! Really, we need a universal system people. And no Molly, imperial makes no sense, it's going to be in milimetres.

Now I have to decide if I want to knit paw mittens to match...