well it's a little nippy noodles...

I'm finally sending off my Stuffie swap package today. I'm a week late, but the thing is pretty awesome so I think she won't mind. I'm not going to tell you what it is because she might read this and then it would be spoiled. I've also added in a little package of those tiny books and a candycane.
Right now I'm sitting in the main square-ish type thing of York. It's not much of a square, but if campus were to have an epicentre, this would be it. Thank-you wireless internet! The concrete bench I'm sitting on is a little chilly, and I'm thinking that I should knit some fingerless mitts to wear on occasions such as these. I really should go back to my dorm and continue my date with Charles I and the exam I have tomorrow, but there are some very cute boys practicing thier skateboarding tricks right now, so maybe I'll tough it out for a little bit longer..... The bestest part about this part of campus is that it is between the Fine Arts buildings and the food buildings, so all the finearts kids are constantly walking back and forth between the two, there is always something interesting going on. Most notably right now are the people smoking up right behind me = ew, gross. It's clouding over a bit right now, which means that it might snow, but I really hope that it doesn't. I think one of the boys is probably wearing girls jeans, but they look really good on him, and whenever he makes a mistake he yells really loudly, imensely amusing. I am currently giggling on the inside, oh wait, on the outside too. There are also some people filming something, and I know that inside one of the buildings there was some preformance art going on from the first year Critical Issues in the Studio class. They had skipping ropes and hopscotch. Muchly fun. I would have joined in, but my double dutch skills are pretty sketch. Now everyone is congretating around the camera, too bad I can't see what they're filming from where I'm sitting. I recognize some of the people, but I don't actually know any of them, otherwise I would join in the congregation.
I have once again made use of my crafty skills for some form of profit. I sewed up a split pocket seam last night for a friend in exchange for a coffee and treat from second cup. It took about 15 minutes, so clearly I win!
I really need to finish my crazy scarf hood. I'm going to write a pattern for it, so stay posted for it soon! And with a pattern comes pictures, so maybe my wee blog will actually come to something. And if you are out there my dear readers, comment please?! I know that I get about 6 hits a day, which is fine by me, but if even one of you posted once a week that would make my day. And then I could comment on your blog, and we would have a symbiotic relationship. *le sigh* good thing I'm not at university for biology, as I'm pretty sure I've just used that term incorrectly. Have a pleasant afternoon all,


Bit by the Sock Bug

I've gone and done it, I've officially been bit by the sock bug. I have three pairs on the needles, and I purchased my first two skeins of Lorna's Laces.
On Saturday I had a job interview at the ungodly hour of 8am at American Eagle in the Eatons Centre. I decided to walk home, as I didn't have any TTC tickets on me, and paying $2.75 when I can walk just as easily is just a travesty. On a side note, the fog was so bad on Saturday that when I was standing across from City Hall, I couldn't see the top of the building. City Hall is not that big of a building, compared to those around it, it's a piddly little thing. What is with this city right now?! Anyways, my walk home takes me through Kensington, which means Lettuce Knit. I had breakfast at the Kensington in order to waste some time, and then mossey'd over to the shop. I noticed right away that there was finally some substantial amount of Lorna's in. I have been wanting to try this stuff for ages, but Lettuce Knit is the only place that caries it, and they are almost always sold out. I had so much trouble picking anything! In the end I decided on Childsplay, which is purple, green, blue, orange and a bit of yellow. I've already started knitting it up, I've got about 2.5 inches, in Knitty's rpm pattern. It's looking very cool. They are destined to be socks for one of my bestest friends from highschool, Claire. She just told me her foot size, about 10 inches long, which is far longer than me... *le sigh* the price of friendship! I'm just hoping that they will be wide enough, I'm making the biggest size, and they are stretchy, but I don't know by how much!
My other socks are the band socks, I've got about 3inches of the first one, and I've got four more inches on the second Baudelaire for my mom. I think I'm right on track for my Christmas knitting, especially since I finish school in 6 days, then I can knit and sew all I want! Plus I don't think I'm completely over doing it ... four or five pairs of socks (one of which I have almost finished), a pair of legwarmers and two pairs of mini sock christmas ornaments for my aunts and uncles. The question is what to get/make my cousin and brother. Generally I can get them the same thing, but I have no idea what that might be. Bugger. But that's a month away, bring it Christmas, I can take it....



I was just told by my Don that the nickname I have been using for the past three months is possibly detrimental to my reputation. There is nothing wrong with the name, Tink means nothing really. It's the association between my nickname and someone elses. That we would become so linked together that people would only see me as that person's sidekick and not as me. That it may very soon, or already may be that people cannot see me for who I am because of my friendship to this other person. My Don said that most of the time, people who become friends with him are given up on almost imediately, they are not expected to be able to do anything with themselves. Not because he is a bad person, but because he teaches people that they don't need to grow up or take on any responsibilities. While embracing your inner child is great and all, there are some choices that must be made, things that do need to change. These are things that he does not believe in, and therefore other people don't believe in them either.

I liked being called Tink because she is so independant. She is above all things an independant person. She takes ordersI have absorbed her into who I am, and now to possibly have to let her go in order to maintain that same independance that she ebodies is hard. I don't want every decision I make to be compared to his. She went as far as to say that some people may think that my decision to go abroad would be because he decided to go abroad as well, even though I decided I wanted to exchange years ago. I cannot let myself be defined by someone else, that is not who I am. I am my own person. I only worry that I may have gone beyond that point, that my reputation has been tarnished, that people have given up on me. I know that I can believe I am independant all I want, but it will take someone else to tell me so. I cannot make this decision by myself.

Who is the real me?



*whispering* I have a secret. It's a new obsession. First blogs. Then Craftster and What the Craft. And now. Oh dear. Now things have gotten dangerous. Things have gone the way of.... Ebay. I've bought my first thing on ebay today. It's 30 4" squares of quilting fabric. And I've been stalking the fabric sales all day. It's terrible. But the prices! My goodness you would not believe the delicious prices! With all the pretty prints! How could I resist? But now my Stitchy will become very very important. All this and there's that essay due Wednesday.

Damn you internet, damn you to hell.....



I am sitting at my clear desk, with the bed made, the dishes washed, dresser cleared, clean clothes, clean me. I have finally gotten my room to a point where I can sit back and say, it is clean. Finally! It's been a while. It's by no means perfect though. Things will go haywire when I finally get around to hooking up the printer that is sitting at the end of my bed. I have no idea where to put it. *le sigh* It feels good to be clean.



These socks make me think of The Series of Unfortunate Events, since the main character's last name is Baudelaire. I have knit the toe and one pattern repeat. They are my first item of Christmas knitting. After having read about everyone else's trials and tribulations last year, I decided to start early. I got my mom to pick out the colour, she chose a very dark navy. It isn't the greatest in terms of seeing the pattern, but it should do quite nicely. I'm really liking the pattern. It's toe up which is my favourite, and the lace pattern isn't half as complicated as I thought it would be. I envision a quick knit!
I am blogging from my parents house, and while looking around on the computer I found this picture from about a month ago. I made my brother take pictures of my Punk-Ass Skullie sweater! So for your final amusment... here is the back!


Not again...

It happened. Again. I'm knitting along happily and then.... SNAP! my wodden needle cracks in half. I'm getting really pissed off at these needles. They are supposed to be really good. But I've cracked about 4 in my entire sock knitting career. That's less than six months. I can't afford to break that many needles. Luckily they come in sets of 5, so I can keep going. But I think that I'm going to have to switch to something else because this is rediculous. Gah!
Someone once told me that Brittany will replace needles if they are broken while knitting. I need to seriously look into that.