These socks make me think of The Series of Unfortunate Events, since the main character's last name is Baudelaire. I have knit the toe and one pattern repeat. They are my first item of Christmas knitting. After having read about everyone else's trials and tribulations last year, I decided to start early. I got my mom to pick out the colour, she chose a very dark navy. It isn't the greatest in terms of seeing the pattern, but it should do quite nicely. I'm really liking the pattern. It's toe up which is my favourite, and the lace pattern isn't half as complicated as I thought it would be. I envision a quick knit!
I am blogging from my parents house, and while looking around on the computer I found this picture from about a month ago. I made my brother take pictures of my Punk-Ass Skullie sweater! So for your final amusment... here is the back!

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