Bit by the Sock Bug

I've gone and done it, I've officially been bit by the sock bug. I have three pairs on the needles, and I purchased my first two skeins of Lorna's Laces.
On Saturday I had a job interview at the ungodly hour of 8am at American Eagle in the Eatons Centre. I decided to walk home, as I didn't have any TTC tickets on me, and paying $2.75 when I can walk just as easily is just a travesty. On a side note, the fog was so bad on Saturday that when I was standing across from City Hall, I couldn't see the top of the building. City Hall is not that big of a building, compared to those around it, it's a piddly little thing. What is with this city right now?! Anyways, my walk home takes me through Kensington, which means Lettuce Knit. I had breakfast at the Kensington in order to waste some time, and then mossey'd over to the shop. I noticed right away that there was finally some substantial amount of Lorna's in. I have been wanting to try this stuff for ages, but Lettuce Knit is the only place that caries it, and they are almost always sold out. I had so much trouble picking anything! In the end I decided on Childsplay, which is purple, green, blue, orange and a bit of yellow. I've already started knitting it up, I've got about 2.5 inches, in Knitty's rpm pattern. It's looking very cool. They are destined to be socks for one of my bestest friends from highschool, Claire. She just told me her foot size, about 10 inches long, which is far longer than me... *le sigh* the price of friendship! I'm just hoping that they will be wide enough, I'm making the biggest size, and they are stretchy, but I don't know by how much!
My other socks are the band socks, I've got about 3inches of the first one, and I've got four more inches on the second Baudelaire for my mom. I think I'm right on track for my Christmas knitting, especially since I finish school in 6 days, then I can knit and sew all I want! Plus I don't think I'm completely over doing it ... four or five pairs of socks (one of which I have almost finished), a pair of legwarmers and two pairs of mini sock christmas ornaments for my aunts and uncles. The question is what to get/make my cousin and brother. Generally I can get them the same thing, but I have no idea what that might be. Bugger. But that's a month away, bring it Christmas, I can take it....

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