well it's a little nippy noodles...

I'm finally sending off my Stuffie swap package today. I'm a week late, but the thing is pretty awesome so I think she won't mind. I'm not going to tell you what it is because she might read this and then it would be spoiled. I've also added in a little package of those tiny books and a candycane.
Right now I'm sitting in the main square-ish type thing of York. It's not much of a square, but if campus were to have an epicentre, this would be it. Thank-you wireless internet! The concrete bench I'm sitting on is a little chilly, and I'm thinking that I should knit some fingerless mitts to wear on occasions such as these. I really should go back to my dorm and continue my date with Charles I and the exam I have tomorrow, but there are some very cute boys practicing thier skateboarding tricks right now, so maybe I'll tough it out for a little bit longer..... The bestest part about this part of campus is that it is between the Fine Arts buildings and the food buildings, so all the finearts kids are constantly walking back and forth between the two, there is always something interesting going on. Most notably right now are the people smoking up right behind me = ew, gross. It's clouding over a bit right now, which means that it might snow, but I really hope that it doesn't. I think one of the boys is probably wearing girls jeans, but they look really good on him, and whenever he makes a mistake he yells really loudly, imensely amusing. I am currently giggling on the inside, oh wait, on the outside too. There are also some people filming something, and I know that inside one of the buildings there was some preformance art going on from the first year Critical Issues in the Studio class. They had skipping ropes and hopscotch. Muchly fun. I would have joined in, but my double dutch skills are pretty sketch. Now everyone is congretating around the camera, too bad I can't see what they're filming from where I'm sitting. I recognize some of the people, but I don't actually know any of them, otherwise I would join in the congregation.
I have once again made use of my crafty skills for some form of profit. I sewed up a split pocket seam last night for a friend in exchange for a coffee and treat from second cup. It took about 15 minutes, so clearly I win!
I really need to finish my crazy scarf hood. I'm going to write a pattern for it, so stay posted for it soon! And with a pattern comes pictures, so maybe my wee blog will actually come to something. And if you are out there my dear readers, comment please?! I know that I get about 6 hits a day, which is fine by me, but if even one of you posted once a week that would make my day. And then I could comment on your blog, and we would have a symbiotic relationship. *le sigh* good thing I'm not at university for biology, as I'm pretty sure I've just used that term incorrectly. Have a pleasant afternoon all,

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Not An Artist said...

Oooh, I am looking forward to seeing your hooded scarf pattern! I love that kind of item, and it is so hard to find a good pattern for it :)