Hobo Mitts! Fini!

I have just enough time to post before running off to my first class in a (very) long day.
I finished my previous WIP, Josh's Hobo mitts are done and delivered. It took me less than 24 hours to make them, which I think is pretty impressive. I also finished the second of Sara's Stripey Hobo Mitts, so as soon as I can give them to my mom, they will be on the way to her. I like to call them Hobo Mitts Lite, since they are much shorter in the wrist than I normally make them, but I like it. They kick butt. If I can remember tonight, I'll post a picture. I'd been promising Trevor some Hobo mitts for a few months, but never got around to making them, so last night when he was in my room I got him to pick. He decided on red, navy and two stripes of an odd coffee colour that has dark brown stripes in it. It sounds wierd, but isn't in reality. Maybe a picture of that too. It's high time I made my amazing boyfriend some. Somehow I don't think a knitted Gir is terribly practical.
I'm thinking I may have to go and buy large quantity's of Romni's supply of Portofino since it's all in the sale room and I have no idea where else to get it. It's all I make the Hobo mitts out of and if I can't get anymore, what will I do? I need more red an navy anyways to finish Trevor's Mitts.

Sometimes the void in my head is just to many things clamouring for my attention.

Now to class.

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