Natalie be Genius!

Natalie be Genius! that is Genius, not genius. I found out how to add sidebar thinguses. I did this by viewing the Source of Loulou's blog (thank you for being of service) and stealing the code. Muahahahaha. I advise this method of figuring HTML stuff out since it saves a lot of time. If it works on someone else's blog/site, then it will most likely work on yours. It also teaches you the (generally) correct method of writting the code. Woot.
Mira came to class today with a shirt that said WWZD, What Would Zim Doom? and had a picture of Zim and Gir (with his octopus on his head) on it. She made the shirt herself. It was super cool. In other Invader Zim news, Gir is almost done. I made his antenae today, but haven't put it on yet since I want to see if I can figure out some possible way to make it stick up instead of being all floppy like his head. BLAST! oh well. Next thing to conquer (took me a while there to remember that conquer is spelt qu and not with a k or a c.) is his hands, which look nothing like normal hands since Gir is a robot.
I knit on my Squiggley scarf in Arts and Ideas today. It's coming along, but all the fuzzy whiteness is getting monotonus. It's being swallowed by the vortex that is .... you know what I mean. Where the knitting just never seems to end and no matter how much you seem to knit but it never seems to get longer.
I just showed my friends the black "cool boys knit" sweater from the summer 2005 issue of knitty. There was a large chorus of "I want that sweater!" and "I want a boy who knits!". Brilliant.

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loulou said...

Funny that you figured out code from me, because I have no freeking clue what I'm doing!