Knitting Olympic Dreams

I will be joining the 2006 Knitting Olympics. From what I can tell, this new Knit-A-Long (it is a knit-a-long isn't it... knit along with the olympics...) is quickly taking over knitting-blogland. Very quickly. But that is because it is sheer brilliance. I have decided to make the Hardcore cardigan from knitty.com. I almost picked the aforementioned pirate hat, but thought that I would most certainly be able to finish it in time and that it wouldn't be enough of a challenge. What can I say, I'm crazy. To make me even more insane is that I'm going to have to completely re-do everything about it, even the intarsia on the back I think. It's a million times to big for me since it is a guys sweater and is supposed to be hip hop-ey, which is not my style at all. I'm going to have to just make the image smaller. Maybe I could find a sweater pattern that does fit and then just put the intarsia in the back. That sounds easier since I've only knit one cardigan so far... I'll have to look into this. I looked at the yarn needed, expecting it to amount to about 20 balls of something fairly expensive, but the massive version only calls for 3 balls for the smallest version and it's about 5$ a ball at one online store. SCORE! The only thing is that I'll need to ship it to my dad's hotel where ever he goes to in the states next since I don't think that the site ships to Canada. Damn. Luckily there is definentaly enough time to get it there and to start swatching before the Olympics. Natalie wins in every possible way. Huzzah! Renee is going to re-knit her kitty hat. She had to frog it since it turned out to be about 6 times to big for her and looked like it was eating her head when she put it on. I'll have to write her a revised pattern for her to read, yay math! I should really get a tape measure for my knitting kit. I'll pick one up the next time I hit Romni's. Actually I think they have really cute cheap ones at Chapters/Indigo. I know the same ones are 8$ at Romni's, which is the equivelant of at least one ball of yarn. I might just have to yoink one of the paper ones from Ikea. But that would mean a trip to Ikea. Oh well, I'll ask my mom if she has a spare.

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