But but but....Butt

Procrastination, thy name is Natalie. I have one annotated Bibliography due tomorrow, and another due Wednesday. I can finish one today, I mean I can work on it tonight. It's already quater to 1 and I havent' done any work on it. Well I've done all the research (almost, all I need is two more sources for the one due tomorrow, and I'm not sure if I can find all the necessary information for one of the sources due Wednesday :S ) But I'm not worried. Instead of working today I watched movie trailers and went grocery shopping with Renee. We got back and I did a bit of work, organized my sources and such, and was about to start when I realised it was 6:45 and would have to leave in half an hour to go to my Anatomy Lecture. There was no way I could get any work done in half an hour! And if I did there was no point in starting since I would only get into it and then have to stop. *le sigh* I'm being very stupid about this. After class I went to the Residence Activity Council meeting, and when I got back I made posters for some events coming up. The one for the Thursday Throw-back High School Dance is super cool. I'll scan it and show it to you tomorrow. So that was my day.
That and dead cats in the morning. For some unknown reason my TA was discussing how when she was an undergrad she would practice disections on the turkey before Christmas and Thanksgiving, which proceeded to exactly which pieces of the half disected cat would be the ones that you would eat. Only you wouldn't want to eat the disected cats since they are pumped full of formaldahyde and would probably kill you. and ewww.
Sitting here bloging to the void of the internet is not helping my current situation. Blast. Must work!

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