A remedy for lazyness....

Well I've gotten a bit behind now haven't I? This shall be fixed!
The sock saga went successfully, except that I ran out of yarn 3 inches from the end of the second sock. Blast! oh well. I went last weekend and bought a new ball of sock yarn, it's green and blue varegated cotton blend, with colour repeats of 4 rows each colour. I knit it on the plane to and from California (family vacation, blame it for the absence) and finished my first pair. Except that I have to graft the toes and weave in the ends. But other than that they're done. I made them little footies, so I have loads of yarn left, since the ball is enough for two regular sized socks. I definentally have enough for another pair of footies. I think I'm going to get more colourways of the same yarn, I remember there being a delightful pink and cream combo. Maybe some yellow for project spectrum? We shall have to see.

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