The Sock Saga Begins

So I haven't posted very well lately, mostly because I didn't have any pictures of anything that I'd knit to show you. My posts were very dull. However, now I have pictures. And I have taken pictures every step of the way for this part. Be proud.
First I found the yarn that I'm going to use... it's a bit fugly. I bought it for 4.20 during the boxing day sale at Romni's. It had lost it's sock band, so it was wrapped in a piece of masking tape that said Socka and the price. That is all I know.
Because there was no band, I had to find gauge. I knit a tiny little tube on my 2.5 bamboo dpn's and got 8.5sts to the inch. Then I found a pattern online. I wanted something super easy, with no pattern for my first sock. No point in confusing myself.
Then I cast on, while Renee looked through my VogueKnitting and Knit1. magazines. Or maybe she's winding up the extra yarn from her super awesome Link gauntlets. I'll show you a picture of those tomorrow since this is already so picture heavy. By this morning I had most of the ribbing done. I also decided that the yarn isn't quite as fugly as I thought it would be. It'll do. I really like the bright blue that's in the middle. Very cool. I have no idea if I'll have enough yarn to do two socks, but I've decided to do only 6 inches in the ankle of the sock instead of the 8 the pattern calls for, partly in an attempt to conserve yarn. 8 seems a bit extreme anyways.
Sam, Renee and I went to Pacific mall today, and this is what I had when we got back. I've done 4 inches in the ankle part. woot woot.
I also have pictures of my super awesome skullie hoodie. The light quality in the hallway of my building is less than stellar, so this was the best I could do. I still have half the button to knit, and I have to sew on the pockets. I bought black fabric with my mom on the weekend for the lining too. I hope to finish it over Easter weekend. Damn, I need buttons too!
For some reason I can't get that one picture where I want it to go. Blast my HTML skills. Oh well.

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