I saw a squirrel once, it was like... ch ch chhhh

So I was going to post a picture of my Minisweater, but I couldn't find any good ones. I wish I could show something, but I have no camera to show it with. The pirate sweater is coming along fairly well. I have half of the pirate face on the back done, yay! I looks pretty punk-ass. Natalie wins!
I was going to post over the weekend, but I was at home and for some reason the internet was super super super slow, so it was taking forever for the blogger page to load at all, never mind getting all the way to the posting page. Rediculous. But I'm back in residence and able to blog away with the utmost spead.
Last week I signed up for the Booty Swap that Nipper Knits is doing. I'm very excited about it. It will be my first swap! I am so looking forward to this. yay! I love pirates, yarn and I'm quite sure I'll like swaping so this will be fun.
Today was a gorgeous day. For those who missed it, I am very sorry. You should have gone outside. I met Mira and we walked down Queen St. We didn't buy much, Mira just got a little pirate thing from Magic Pony that she had been eyeing, but we saw lots of things we liked and have resolved to return when our pockets are a little better lined. I think I know the bag that I'll get for summer... We had lots of fun. It was just a nice day to be out and about and walking around. Perfect. How was your day?

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Celtic Knitter said...

The pirate sweater sounds like it is going to be awesome!! Did you find in Knit.1 Magazine . . . I think I saw one there.
Hey, I'm going to Queen west tomorrow. I'm going to try to not spend a ton of money in Romnyi!!