All those Jiggly bits

So first with some real knitting news. This is my skullie sweater. Doesn't it rock all kinds of hardcore? I am seriously loving this sweater. I've finished the border around the bottom. Well, it's the length I want to be, but I'm going to double it up. I can't think of the proper word for it right now, but you know what I mean. I made it really long, so it covers most of my bum, which just makes it like a full body hug sweater. Just the way I like it! I really want to wear it RIGHT NOW, but the needles would be pointy, *tear*! It will be the most comfortable and amazing thing ever though! I can't wait.
I really want to wear it when I go to California, on April 17th. I think that will be managable, it's only the sleeves and a massive hood. Shouldn't be too difficult.
The drawing is one I did for the class I'm taking. I put it on because it is pretty much the best drawing I've ever done, and I am super super proud of it. I was having a bit of a difficult class, and then this happened. I just decided to do a line drawing instead of trying to figure out all the shadows and stuff. So for 40 minutes I just concentrated on form. Brilliance! *doing a dance!* I also decided that it is much easier to draw nude older women, than nude young buff men. Women have all their bits tucked up and away. It is also easier to draw folds of (healthy) fat, than toned muscle. That's not to sayt that I got all giggly and embarassed when we did the first class, I just had an easier time with the actuall drawing part. Plus the woman stayed still longer than the guy.


Anonymous said...

Ahoy matey, this is your booty swap pal checking out your blog to find out what you like. Argh!!!

Celtic Knitter said...

Awesome sweater! You should be proud to wear this one! It's an awesome skull.

Excellent drawing! I can understand why it was easier to draw the woman . . . however, it can't hurt to have some buff man in there to stare at for a while!!