Ah ah ah ah ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

For anyone who reads the webcomic Questionable Content, this is going to be a spoiler. Do not read anyfurther, but instead go straight to the site and read the latest! If you don't read Questionable Content, I highly suggest it. Start at the beginning and read up to now. It's very amusing. And there isnt' really and questionable content, that's just the name of the comic.

Dora kissed Marten! AH! Oh my Juicifer. I can't believe it. They were all sort of datey, and then bam! Dora kisses him. But what about Faye?!?!?!?! Faye will go all (more) crazy again and then she and Hannelore will be all sulky and crazy, and lusty after Marten. But we all know that Marten can't split three ways, so they'll just have to be crazy. Juicifer! After reading it I spent a minute sitting in front of my computer yelling ah! ah! ah! ah! and wondering who I could tell. Then I remembered my good old blog. *sigh* this way I don't have to go wake up Miranda to tell her about it.

Now back to memorizing the circulatory system.

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