Day 1: Knitting Olympics

This is how much I had done last night by about 9:30pm on my Olympic project. Then I hit the real section of the chart, where the number of stitches really counts. I discovered that I was 20 stitches short. bah! The pattern calls for 128, and I'd somehow missed a set of 20, and only cast on 108. So I frogged it and started again. I counted my stitches and put stitchmarkers in every 20 while I cast on. No way to mess up. Wrong. I got to the exact same point this morning and realised that I had made the exact same mistake. 20 stitches short. Bah! Double Bah! Frogged again. This time when I ripped it back, I only left the first real row of stitches on and just added 20 to that. That way there was no possible way for me to screw up. I managed to knit much past that point now. I have some serious amounts of sitting in front of the tv to thank for that. I don't think I'll have as much luck tomorrow, I get to go downtown!

I've decided I'll do the whole set, hat and mittens. I'll have to go to Romni's tomorrow to get another two balls of yarn for the mittens, and a pair of US 1 circulars for the lining of the hat. I somehow forgot to get the second pair of circulars when I went before. This is all so exciting!

I've be looking at everyone's blogs looking for progress reports... How is everyone doing?! I hope the Pub night went well, I wish I could have gone, but no dice. Next year... I'll definentaly be 100% legal then. Good luck everyone!

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Celtic Knitter said...

Romnis is both wonderful and overwhelming at the same time! What a place!

OH my god . . . I love the skulls!!! do you have a chart for that??? I want it . . . is it from the stitch and bitch book?