Day 4: Knitting Olympics

Happy Valentines day all, I hope it was spent well. If it wasn't Valentines-ey, then I hope you just had a good day.
The knitting has hit a snag. I knit the hat but it is very much too small for me. When I swatched I didn't do the pattern, I just knit the yarn. Apparently I knit quite tightly when it's fair isle (and I have a nagging suspision that I knew that this was possible before I started). I figure I'll keep the hat and maybe give it to a baby when it's born. The hat is even to small for my cousin. I'll knit myself a properly sized one later. I think it would make a pretty cute baby hat. You don't notice the skullies at first, and ... well it's just adorable. Maybe I'll keep it for when (in the very distant future) I have a kid. I don't know anyone who's expecting right now. Maybe my mom knows of someone. I'll have to ask.
Today was also Trevor's Birthday. I made breakfast, we made lunch and he made dinner. We watched Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade, and Near Dark, which Renee and Andrew gave him. Between movies, Trevor played Metal Gear 3 and I knit. I loved Indiana Jones. It was so funny and had a few aww moments, some romance, lots of action and intruige. It has everything. And Sean Connery is very good in it.

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