so ... sleepy ...

Why are Thursday's scheduled as university party nights? Why? Every Thursday we all go out, drink a little too much, and go to bed rediculously late. Sometimes I just want to go to bed early, screw everyone else. I did this a few times last term. But this term my freind Mira has slept over every week. And she want's to party. She stays over to party. So I have to party. Damn. I love her dearly, she's my special Mira-friend, but sometimes I want to sleep. This week has been some how lacking in the sleep department. I think I had one bad night of sleep, then Thursday I went to bed later and because of the drinks.... actually I didn't drink on Thursday. I had a juice. hmm. Well I slept crappily again and got up early. Then yesterday Trevor and I went to Burlington for a birthday party of a friend of his (Jess) at his house. That was where the alchol was consumed. Bah. I'm going to bed. Then I can get up at a resonable hour and cram for the two tests I have on Monday. Juicifer I'm screwed.

Juicifer comes from Renee who drinks coffee on pubnights instead of alchol. We decided we should come up with new swear words instead of saying "oh my god", or "dear lord" all the time. She was trying to say Jupiter and Lucifer at the same time. Thus Juicifer was born. He is the Dark Lord of Juice.

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