So I've been totally lax about posting, which is bad considering the cliff hanger I left you all with. My new job is at Lettuce Knit, the formidable yarn establishment in Toronto. I have survived three shifts unscathed. I even learned how to spin!

I've also been moving into a new apartment, which means that all my waking hours are spent packing, unpacking, or working at the store. I haven't had the chance to take any pictures in the daylight yet, but I'll tell you that Dollar and a Half is kicking my ass. Hopefully I have found it's kryptonite and will whip it into submission sometime soon.

So not to have a completely lame photo, I will leave you with a totally awesome sign I painted at my friend's music festival in England a few weeks ago. The Beat Hive was full of dance and hip hop music, and is where I saw Yacht, who made my weekend. I have Yacht inside me!

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Em said...

You got a job at LK? that's fantastic! Yay you!