Blankies and Books.

I haven't posted much about this particular WIP, so when I laid out all the blocks yesterday, I thought that it might be nice to take a picture for everyone.

This is by no means the final lay out for these squares. They have not been sewn together. I don't think that I'll sew any of them together until I have all of them done. All being 468. This picture represents 36 squares. I'm 7% done! I'm rather looking forward to when there are more squares and therefore more variety in my dear scrap blankie.

While we speak of numbers, I've decided to try and read all of the Harry Potter books before the 7th comes out next month. Last time I read them all after it came out, which gave my brother enough time to finish it so that I could read it. This time though, I know that what happens is going to be all over the place and I'd rather not have it spoiled. So we'll see if I can read 2, 788 pages in three weeks! At least I started some plain old boring stockinette socks the other day while watching Frost on TVO. I can work on those while I read.

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