Jitterbug Roza Snicket Socks

As promised, proper pictures today. I was despairing a bit and was going to wait until tomorrow, but I saw a few shadows and immediately jumped outside to take these. I have one finished sock and half of the picot cast on for the second one so far. On 2.75mm needles, these babies go fast!

Here you can see the way the yarn has striped a bit better. Let me tell you, it took a lot of work to get these to that perfect point. There was a lot of ripping. In the end they are a little tight, but not uncomfortable, so I don't mind. The final stitch count came in at 48 stitches!

Here we have my interesting grafting situation. I like short row toes because my feet are kind of square. I did a short row toe, and will graft the whole shebang together later. I always wait until I have both socks done to graft the toes, so this will wait for a bit.

This is the second of my Roza's Socks. I don't known if I've actually blogged properly about these before, but here they are. I have a few idea's of how I would change the pattern if I were to knit them again. More on that when they are done. I'll probably do the same toe as I am on the Jitterbug's, which means redoing the first one. Good thing I wait to graft toes!

I finally bought yarn for my sockapalooza socks. The yarn looks grey, but it's actually light blue, the sun was making the colours go all funky. I'm going to use the Snicket Socks pattern from MagKnits. I just have to finish up some other socks before I start these. Gotta keep trucking on the Roza's!

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