Roza's Socks

A finished thing!
These were a spectacularly fun knit. I want a gazillion of these in different colours. In every yarn imaginable. For these I used Koigu on 2.25 mm needles. I did a short row toe, and then seamed the whole thing up on the bottom. While it did take longer, it fits! These are honestly the most comfortable socks I have ever made. Ever. I love love love them!

One word to the wise though, Koigu doesn't really take frogging and re-knitting too well. I had to redo the toe on one of them a few times, and if you look closely, the stitches aren't very tight or uniform for that part. I don't care much since it's just the toes, but it might be a problem for someone. That said, I'm sure that a good soak and dry to get the kinks out would have been fine, but I didn't really have that option. And I'm lazy.

ETA: I know that everyone has already seen this post, I'm sorry. There was something all skrewy with the code in this one post, and I couldn't figure out what it was. It seems to be easier to just post it again, and delete the old one.

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