I had completely planned for my Sockapalooza socks. I was going to make the Snicket socks. I bought pretty blue yarn. But then something happened. See, the knitting forces knew that while I liked what I had decided on, it wasn't completely right. It just wasn't good enough. So the forces showed me the new Knitty, and my choice was made for me. I simply had to make Coupling.

Not being one to argue too much with knitting forces (you never know if they are going to make you stab yourself with a metal dpn.), I went out today in search of yarn. It was found (of course) at Lettuce Knit. Two skeins of gorgeous Koigu just waiting to be knit into Coupling. I give you, Sockapakoigu.

*sigh* Sometimes it just can't be helped....


Jenn said...

Ooh, a fresh pattern! Seems like everyone is making the Monkey pattern, I love that you're making some new!

Deb said...

Squeeeeeee! Do drop me a photo when they're done.

Cheers from Nova Scotia,