Austermann Stockinette Step

Here we have the beginnings of my computer/tv sock. Unfortunately half of this had to be ripped out not once but twice due to some dropped stitches that weren't picked up again properly, creating an ugly spot. I do love the yarn though, it's Austerman Step, with Aloe Vera and Jojoba in it. It makes the most silky smooth yarn, even though it's 100% wool.

The first re-knit happened entirely while watching The Prestige on Friday night. A very good movie, with a very surprising twist at the end. I recommend watching it.

Happy Canada Day to everyone!


Glenna C said...

I have knitted socks in that very same yarn and colourway - it's so soft to work with :)

Dipsy said...

This sock is going to become a real beauty! I'm sorry you had to frog it, but in the end it'll certainly be worth it! The Austermann yarn must be heaven to the skin, and I absolutely love the colorway! Happy Knitting!