ugh. It's 7:30 am and I've already been up for.... get this, three hours. ugh. I woke up at 4:30 am unable to either sleep or settle down. There was nothing else to do but pull my laptop onto my bed and watch two episodes of the Alias that Glenna lent me. Then I read the 43 updated posts on my bloglines. Oh, and I listened to most of an podcast of Lime 'n Violet. I managed to knock out two more squares for my blankie. I think that puts me at 41 squares. Not to shabby!

oh and Glenna, I totally saw you knitting the Austermann Steps way back when and fell in love with the yarn. When I saw it in Rochester I just had to have it!And I'm halfway though season one of Alias already, though most of that is because of previous watching.

ugh. Maybe now I can get a bit of sleep before breakfast.

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Glenna C said...

Ohh, if you're only halfway through S1 it's about to get SO GOOD. Let me know when Sark shows up :D
I have more Austermann Step that I have not used, oh woe...Maybe I'll go pet it and make it reassured...