Silversun Pickups!

Yesterday the Rockout Sock got to shine a little after a long winter of sitting in a drawer. The event was the Silversun Pickups playing at the Phoenix Nightclub here in Toronto. Very exciting. Miranda backed out at the last minute, so I dragged Claire along with me instead. Though I only knew one of the their songs, and she none, we both agreed that fun was had, and that sspu rocks everyone's socks, hand knit or not.

The sock was very impressed by the giant disco ball hanging from the ceiling. It was shiny.

The sock enjoyed the singer's rock outs and occasional dance moments. The sock (and I) got very very very excited when they finally played Lazy Eye. There was definitely some jumping, but we're still waiting confirmation on some girlie squeals.

And it also thought that Nikki's dress was very pretty. It also thought that her bass was a pretty freaking cool shape.

The sock also got to see Lettuce Knit, but I forgot to take pictures. Next time!

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