Gallery hop

Thursday's, as many artsy's will know, is generally a gallery night. For some reason or another, most show's have opening's on that night. Yesterday, being a Thursday and all, I ended up doing a gallery hop with my mom around the city to see various shows we were interested in.

The first up was a showing of final projects from the Linden Girls School. My cousin, the same one who lent me the book, is a student there, so it was a family thing. Some of the stuff was interesting, but mostly it was standard kids stuff. The thing that my mom and I found interesting was that there wasn't much focus on the actual art pieces but more on the artist statements that accompanied each piece. The few pieces that were actually good were good because that particular student happened to be a talented artist naturally, not because they had been taught any type of technique. Each student, from grade two to twelve, had a one page written statement, which is rather long in my opinion. It seemed like they were being taught what I like to call CAB, Creative Art Bullshit, which I found out is rather easy to do when I was in high school. Personally I think it's how I get through university, by making things up in regards to imagery and meaning, but it's a little sad that there are little kids being forced to create meaning in pieces, to explain their inspiration, instead of just creating a piece of art for arts sake.

Anyway, the second stop on our adventure was the Ontario Craft Council where we saw Domestic. I really enjoyed this show, and it's inspired me to get off my lazy bum and actually create some of the pieces that have been floating around in my head for the past few years. Most of the peices were in some way fiber related, but not all. There were a few interesting pieces that looked like necklaces, but had wax dripping out of the pendants in really interesting shapes. Another really cool thing was a low table with all sorts of different sized rectangular ceramic plates. There were all sorts of different sized lines in the ceramic. I'm not quite sure how the artist did it, but there was also a framed piece of fabric on the wall that had identical lines sewn into it with embroidery floss. I wish that I had the courage to ask her about it, but I always feel a little silly talking to people I don't know.

The third show was at Index G on Gladstone, which was having two photography openings as a part of Contact. A friend of my mom's from her silkscreening class is showing in the first floor gallery. There were some very interesting Lunatypes there as well, which I have never heard of. They are apparently exposed by the light of the moon, hence the luna. The print is actually a sheet of glass, just like the origional photographs were, the deguerreotype. The image is exposed in a thin sheet of silver substance, so if you look at the image straight on, all you see is your reflection, it acts like a mirror. There is also series off pieces that my mom and I fell in love with. They are all sepia sort of tones, all of a little girl in sort of ethereal poses with wings and things. If I could afford it, I would definitely have bought one, but alas I have don't even have that much money to my name, much less any that I could spare.

After that I came home and read Twilight through.

My mom and I are hoping to go to many openings this summer, so there should be more art stuff popping up here. I hope no one minds. I have been knitting, but it's all the same sort of stuff, you'll be there first to know if anything actually interesting happens.

Now I'm going to go finish learning how to save lives.

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