Eww, There's Chlorine on me!

Ugh, I hate being a lifeguard because it means smelling like Chlorine All. The. Time. Every time I move my head all I can smell is chlorine that is currently embedded in my hair. It will wash out in a few days, but I'll be in the pool all next weekend too, so it won't last long. I guess I should enjoy my last few months as a non-lifeguard, before I probably get a job there.

Right now I'm doing training, my NLS course. After that I'll be completely certified to lifeguard and teach, very exciting. The course is intensive, which means that I am in the classroom/pool for 40 hours over two weekends. The nice thing is that there are only six people in the class, including myself, so we go through everything rather quickly and usually get out a little early. My brother Jesse is also in the class, so we can study and correct each other all the time.

The not so great thing is that I don't have much of a weekend right now. I was at the community centre the whole time, so that also meant not much knitting time either. I did knit during the movie we watched today on techniques for scanning a pool. It means that I'm that much closer to finishing the first sleeve of my Thermal sweater. I was going to put it away and not bother about it for a bit, but I realized that then it will really never finish, so I've decided to keep plugging away. Really it's not much left to do, one sleeve, a sleeve cap and from the armpits up on the body. I wish that I could just finish one part of it. Right now everything is just hanging around. I guess that's the downside of sweaters in the round, they just seem to go on forever.

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